We are awarding one school in Australia our annual Great Start Grant in 2021!

The Great Start Grant is an annual, by-application award of musical instruments and equipment gifted to a school to get their music program off the ground.

Why does Yamaha Music Australia award the grant?

Music is widely accepted as a valuable and meaningful part of a child’s education. Unfortunately, in Australia, not every school offers continuous, sequential education in music.

By creating a national conversation around music programs, Yamaha’s goal is to get the essential stakeholders within a school talking about how they can practically begin or expand their music offering. In highlighting the journey of one school, a pathway is laid to inspire other schools.

With group music events proven to boost happiness levels, the Great Start Grant has the opportunity to foster positivity and social connections in a collaborative setting. As the largest instrument manufacturer globally, Yamaha can lead a conversation around the value of making music.

Who is it for?

The grant is targeted at Australian schools in need of a helping hand to get their Music Performance Program off the ground.

Each year, Yamaha looks for a school with the passion and drive to promote quality music education but lacks the equipment to get off to a great start.

“When programs such as Off to a Great Start are initiated by member companies like Yamaha Music Australia, it provides young people with the opportunity to have music as part of their education. In doing so, a significant step is taken toward creating the music makers of tomorrow.”

Rob Walker, Executive Officer of the Australian Music Association.