Education Outreach

19,000+ Students Reached | 6,000+ Teachers Assisted | 3,000+ Hours of Professional Development

In 2021, Yamaha Music Australia’s Education Outreach initiative enters its sixth year with Dr. Rob McWilliams as Education Outreach Clinician. In that time, he has visited hundreds of educational institutions and worked with thousands of music teachers (pre-service and in-service) and aspiring student and community musicians in orchestras, wind bands, jazz ensembles, and many more. A highly respected conductor and musician, Dr. McWilliams has worked closely with secondary institutions, tertiary institutions and professional development providers like ABODA, ASME and government education departments. His work in education and the broader community on behalf of Yamaha continues to significantly contribute to increasing quality and participation in instrumental music around Australia. To access Dr. McWilliams’ professional development services (funded fully by Yamaha Music Australia), please contact him directly at:

Following on from the highly successful “Yamaha Wind Orchestra – Professional Development Project” events in 2018 and 2019, (2020 event was cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic), we are delighted to announce that the event is scheduled to run again in 2021 in Melbourne on 29th & 30th May (Wesley College, St Kilda Road campus) and 19th & 20th June (PLC Burwood). We are also excited to announce that there are plans to run the event for the first time in Sydney in 2021. The objectives of the Yamaha Wind Orchestra event are manyfold:

  1. Provide an opportunity for instrumental teachers who still play at a high level to rehearse and perform high quality repertoire in a group of like-minded musician/educators.
  2. To incorporate extensive Professional Development aspects within the rehearsal framework and in special PD sessions to address repertoire selection, score preparation, rehearsal and conducting issues, etc.
  3. to give a limited number of participants an opportunity to work with the ensemble from rehearsal to performance and be mentored by Dr. McWilliams throughout this process.

Further information on Yamaha Wind Orchestra is available on its homepage, or email at

Dr. McWilliams’ career includes 23 years working in the United States as a musician and educator, encompassing a broad range of styles from symphonic to jazz. His most recent appointment was Director of Bands & Instrumental Music Education and Head of Department at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh. While in the USA, he completed Masters and Doctorate degrees in Instrumental Music Education and Conducting. His charter with Yamaha Music Australia is to be at the front line, in schools and the community, helping ensemble directors and students reach their full potential.

  • Dr. Rob McWilliams

    Education Outreach Clinician - Yamaha Music Australia


  • Dr. McWilliams is available to help teachers (in-service or pre-service) and ensemble directors (jazz, concert band or orchestra) at all levels of experience.


    • Recruitment, Retention, Advocacy

    • Repertoire Selection & Programming

    • Score Study & Rehearsal Preparation

    • Rehearsal Techniques

    • Conducting Gesture & Non-Verbal Communication

    • Aural Skills, Intonation Training

    • Improvisation

    • Supporting Resources: Print, A/V, Online, etc

    • New Program Setup

    • Festival / Competition Prep


    Teacher Observation, Feedback, and Follow-Up


    Working with institutional administrations, program set up and review