Music Lessons at home - A journey for parents, students and teachers.

Thursday, 6 May 2020

In complicated and uncertain times, as parents, we are sometimes bombarded with information on how best to support our children; to help them navigate their days and support them emotionally. Yamaha Music Australia spoke to four experts about the importance of playing music, at any time, as even in times of isolation, music creates a sense of belonging and participation.

Social distancing and geographical isolation do not have to result in social isolation. In the face of uncertainty and panic, music is a social balm for soothing anxiety, enhancing community connections and acting in defiance of a threat to community spirit. With constraints on our movements and general way of life becoming more and more restricted, we are feeling a loss of control not experienced since the second world war.

In being confined to our homes, we are missing our normal social support from friends and family, and our freedom to control our day-to-day lives.

Tara Hicks is a registered psychologist and psychotherapist who works primarily with adolescents, parents, and young adults presenting with a range of anxiety, mood and behavioural issues. Tara’s main therapeutic approach includes Emotion Focused Therapy, which supports clients to re-process emotional pain or injury at a neurological level. Tara runs a small private practice in Melbourne where she specialises in tailoring parenting strategies to meet the often masked emotional needs of her younger client base.

Angela Turner lectures across a range of practical and academic areas at the Queensland Conservatorium, and formerly at the School of Education & Professional Studies, Griffith University. Since 1998, Angela has been a specialist piano lecturer at the Young Conservatorium, where she is Coordinator of the Intermediate piano program. An AMEB Examiner, Angela also maintains an active performance profile as pianist in the international award-winning Lyrebird Trio.

Prof. Rob McWilliams was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia.  He holds a Ph. D. in Music/Music Education (conducting focus) from the University of Minnesota, a Master's degree in Instrumental Conducting from Florida State University, and a Bachelor's degree in Music Education from the University of Melbourne. He is currently employed as Yamaha Music Australia’s Education Outreach Clinician.

Carly McDonald is a highly regarded Australian piano pedagogue and presenter, seeking to connect teachers with creative ideas and strong business acumen. Carly established her music studio, Novar Music, in South Australia in 2005. In addition to teaching, she manages 25 teachers in 5 locations across South Australia. As author of blog Creative.Piano.Professional, Carly provides thought leadership in early music education and studio business. She is the Creative Editor of The Piano Teacher magazine, Editor of The Piano Teacher Hub Australia, Australian Ambassador for the Piano Adventures series by Randall and Nancy Faber and co-editor of the “I Want To Play That” piano series. She is passionate about working with musicians to develop a strong foundation of skills for self-expression throughout their lives.