Online Learning Success with Clavinova

Thursday, April 2 2020

Learning online doesn’t mean lower quality music education.

Discover how the Yamaha Clavinova and its unique education features, is an integral tool to deliver dynamic, engaging and high-quality music lessons online.

The piano teacher in the above video is using the following setup:

CVP809 Yamaha Clavinova Digital Piano
Windows / Mac Computer For Skype / Facetime / Zoom to physically see how the student is sitting at the instrument, correct fingering etc and to run remote connection software to connect the teacher digital piano to the student digital piano
USB A-B lead Connect from the Yamaha Clavinova to the computer. This transmits the digital note data to and from the computer to the Clavinova
Internet MIDI A 3rd party Windows / MacOs computer app that allows to transmit digital note data to and from the student and teacher digital pianos

The various students in the video had a similar setup to the teacher. Essentially, a Yamaha digital piano, Windows/Mac computer, USB lead and Internet MIDI app.

Which Yamaha Digital Pianos can work with remote lesson?

Depending on which model you have, will increase the educational assistance from the Yamaha digital piano.

The table below outlines features that may be used during a remote lesson and which model has which feature.

• * • *
• * • * • * • *
Wait with
A-B Loop • * • * • * • *

(*) Please note that as these features are Smart Pianist app based and use the USB port. It may not be possible to use this feature at the same time as the Internet MIDI app, as the USB port can only be connect to either the smart device (to run Smart Pianist app) or the computer (to run Internet MIDI).

A brief explanation of the terms above.

MIDI File playback Essentially a music file that contains note data. This file will trigger notes inside the Yamaha instrument to playback the music. The benefit of MIDI files, is that you can change the tempo (slow down or speed up), without loss of quality.
Score Display From the MIDI File, the Yamaha digital piano or via the Smart Pianist App – can produce a notated display.
Guide Lights The CVP range have Guide Light function and CSP has Streaming Light function. These essentially guide you as to which note to play next.
Wait with Guide When the Guide function is activated, the Yamaha digital piano can wait for the correct note to be played, before moving into the next note. Essentially, checking that you are playing the correct notes in your performance.
A-B Loop This function repeats a section of music. For example, you might have trouble with bar-4 to bar-6. Set the A-B Loop to repeat this section until you can play this section perfect.

If you are a piano teacher would like to discover how to use Yamaha digital pianos in your lessons, we have a FREE online training program entitled, Clavinova Teacher Certification. You can find out more about this exciting training program here.

By Bradley Eustace

Product Manager for Portable Keyboards and Digital Pianos

Yamaha Music Australia