Online Seminar with 2Saxy (Grace Kelly and Leo P)

Monday, 14 Sep 2020

Grace Kelly and Leo P are 2Saxy – a fun, upbeat saxophone duo that captivate audiences with their performances. Yamaha Music Australia were fortunate to host 2Saxy for a free online webinar featuring students from every corner of Australia.

Leo and Grace imparted their wisdom based on a lifetime of experience of performing popular music on the saxophone. The seminar covered:

  • Developing a practice routine in the modern age
  • The importance of good posture
  • Developing a good saxophone tone
  • Performance and improvisation techniques
  • Guided instruction for improvement, based on student performances

Yamaha Music Australia invited 3 students to perform for 2Saxy; Jasmine Byrne (selected by Ozwinds – QLD), Amelie Sampson (selected by Presto Music – SA), and Gianni Petta (selected by YMA Artist, Erin Royer – WA).