2024 Yamaha Australian National Band Championships

The Yamaha Music Australia team is delighted to be attending and sponsoring the Yamaha Australian National Band Championships 2024!

We are excited to be joining the South Australian Band Association for this prestigious event which will be taking place from the 29th of March until the 1st of April, 2024 in Adelaide. In addition to the many brass and concert bands that will be performing, we will be hosting a wide number of events and giveaways to engage and share the excitement with everyone!

Here are some of the activities that will be taking place alongside the event:

Instant Photo Giveaway

We'll be around taking photos and capturing all the memories created throughout the weekend. Come and find us to have your photo taken and sign up to have an instant photo printed to take home! T&Cs Apply

Accessory Giveaways and Daily Draws

Visit a participating retailer in the trade hall to pick up a free Yamaha Accessory for your instrument and go in the running to win Wireless Earbuds or a Bluetooth Speaker, drawn daily at 4:45pm. T&Cs Apply

Featured Products:

Yamaha TW-E3C


Price: $129.00 RRP

True Wireless Earbuds with Clear Voice Call, Gaming Mode, Ambient Sound and Listening Care.

Colour Variation Available Other Colours Available
Yamaha WS-B1A


Price: $149.00 RRP

Durability and portability in an upscale design and small package. This Bluetooth speaker lets you take True Sound with you anywhere you go.

Colour Variation Available Other Colours Available

Silent Brass Experience

Bring your instrument to the trade hall to try out the range of Silent Brass, and see how it can transform your practice, and recording, with the Rec'n'Share App.

Featured Products:

Yamaha SILENT Brass™

SILENT Brass™ SBJ Series

Pickup Mute™ and Personal Studio™ set delivers natural acoustic tone you hear when playing without a mute.

Concert Percussion Featured On Stage

The Scott Theatre will feature a full line up of Yamaha's premier concert percussion for the bands performances, making sure that the bands have the best equipment to play on.

Featured Products:

YG250D, YX500R, CB7032, YM1430, TP7300R Series, YV4110, YCH6018


Range: 2 1/2 octaves (f2-c5), Bars: High-carbon steel


Range: 3 1/2 octaves (f1-c5), Bars: Rosewood (YX-500R), Acoustalon (YX-500F)

Yamaha Bass Drum CB-7000 Series

CB-7000 Series

Standard bass drums with birch ply shells.


Range: 4 1/3 octaves (A-c4), Bars: Padauk

TP-7300R Series

Pedal Balance Spring System Timpani with Hammered Copper Bowl


Range: 4 octaves (c-c4), Bars: Gold mirror finish aluminium alloy (YV-4110), Gold satin finish aluminum alloy (YV-4110M)

YCH6018 Discontinued

Smaller 31.8mm diameter tubes (C52~F69 range)