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All New Yamaha PSR-E473 & PSR-EW425 Portable Keyboards

The touch-sensitive keys and powerful sound engine of the PSR-E473 (61-note) and PSR-EW425 (76-note) bring together superb sound and great feel in portable keyboards.

VST3 Plug-ins Come To Dante-Based Audio Systems With Yamaha’s Revolutionary RUio16-D

Yamaha has launched the revolutionary RUio16-D/VST Rack Pro solution, which allows users to add VST3 plug-ins to any Dante-based audio system and is small, light and rugged enough to be part of every sound engineer’s toolkit.

YVC-1000 Firmware Ver.3.12 Released.

New firmware Ver.3.12 releases due to the parts changes.

YVC-1000MS Firmware Ver.1.03 Released.

New firmware Ver.1.03 releases due to the parts changes.

Andrea Keller new album square

Adrian Kelly reviews the NEW YTR-8335LA Trumpet

Playing a second-generation Yamaha 8310Z trumpet (Bobby Shew) for most of his work over recent years, Adrian Kelly puts the new Yamaha 8335LA trumpet through its paces

DZR / DXS XLF Series Firmware V1.3.0 / V1.3.1 Released

This update contains additional functions based on hardware changes, and it fixes some bugs. Please read the notice.

Yamaha RIVAGE PM7 Is The Perfect Fit For Foals’ Nigel Pepper

Changing audio mixing systems is a big decision for live engineers. It can be fraught with difficulty, especially if the specifications don't match the hands-on experience. But, as Foals front of house engineer Nigel Pepper discovered, Yamaha’s RIVAGE PM series completely lives up to its promise.

Serving Up Gourmet Experiences at Kevin Fehling’s The Table and Puzzle Bar

Nearly 30 years ago, Kevin Fehling set out on a journey to pursue his passion for food. Now a Michelin three-star chef, the result of many years of hard work is Hamburg’s The Table restaurant and its companion Puzzle Bar. Complementing their gourmet food and cocktails, the vision of Kevin and partner Dennis Ilies ensures that their ambience and customer experience are rated just as highly.

Australian Albums 2021

10 Albums by Australian Artists We Listened to in 2021

Australian artists faced mounting pressure as another year of lockdowns meant no live music for even longer, and restrictions making it harder to get into the studio and record. We discuss 10 Australian album releases from 2021 that Yamaha Australia staff have been listening to as soon as they dropped.

Yamaha and Molto Music Reach New Heights At The Dorchester

Bringing new, fresh live music to places where people don't expect it is the mission of London-based Molto Music. With a flagship project on the roof of The Dorchester, one of the city’s most prestigious hotels, the company is working closely with Yamaha to expand its ‘pop up’ live venues throughout the city.