Keyboard Instruments Explained

Often, people don’t fully understand the differences between the various forms of electronic, keyboard-based instruments. The aim of this article is to bring some clarity, and to help you choose the instrument that is best suited to your needs.

Stevic MacKay - In His Own Words

An interview with guitarist, producer and music video creator for ARIA nominated band, Twelve Foot Ninja.

Sticks Aren’t Sticks!

All you ever wanted to know about drum sticks but were afraid to ask. Everything from materials, diameter, length and tip shape get to know what sticks will work for you.

Yamaha Rydeen Drum Kit

The Yamaha Rydeen kit was re-released in 2017, the year the company celebrated its 50th anniversary of making drums. Yamaha has always made the Rydeen rich in features, while keeping it in a price range occupied by many brands offering less quality and less features. At this level, the new Rydeen series is unmatched in quality, sound and price and a perfect drum kit to learn on. Darran Muller reviews the new Rydeen kit.

Introducing the EAD10

It’s not often that a new piece of equipment comes along that can completely change the way you interact with your instrument, but that is exactly what Yamaha have achieved with their new EAD10 electronic acoustic drum system. Whether you are a drum student, teacher, hobbyist, or professional this system makes practicing, teaching, performing and recording your acoustic drum kit inspiring and fun.

Learning Life Lessons While Learning Guitar

Learning an instrument is about more than simply playing music, as amazing as that experience is on its own. It also has an incredible way of shaping who you are as a person. Here are some ways music can help you grow.

Sorting Out Cymbals

Never before have consumers had so much choice. But without the right information, choosing the best product can be a daunting task. This is very much the situation many beginning drummers find themselves in when choosing their cymbals. To help navigate the selection process as painlessly as possible, here we look at the options available from the premium European cymbal manufacturer Paiste.

Balancing Guitars In The Mix

It’s just as well that guitarists love to talk about their instruments, because many bandleaders don’t. Not even when they need to. Often bandleaders (and even the players themselves) lack the specialist knowledge required to manage the guitar as part of a larger ensemble. But never fear! Information is power, and these elementary tips can help transform all that “noodling” energy into useful musical contributions.