Can you Hear Me?

After the events of the last few years, we have all had to change and adapt to new ways of communicating remotely; digital communications have become the new normal!

My Favourite Tech Tools

Year on year, the list of innovative devices, apps and software designed for music education grows longer. These tools can be used to enhance efficiency, engagement and provide opportunities in the classroom. We spoke to several educators about what their preferred “tech tools” are, and why

Film Scoring Evolution And Education

With the rise of technology and its integration into the arts, engineers and musicians have combined their skills to invent new machines, new instruments and new ways of composing music. But music wasn’t the only art form affected by the Industrial Revolution. With the invention of photography and the moving image, people were able to manifest their creative visions beyond books, theatre and performance. Tamara Partridge looks at the evolution and techniques of scoring.

Unlocking Creativity in Composition

The creative tools you use have a big impact on the creative journey you and your students take, so it’s important to know you are using the right tool for the right job.

Mixing 101

The heart of the live sound system is the mixer. The mixer’s basic function is to mix the live sources from the stage to produce a good balance for everyone in the audience to hear. A simple analogue mixing console provides basic control over the sound sources, allows the operator to mix them together and control the overall output level of the mix.

Sound Systems 101

A beginner’s guide to mixing and sound production, taking you through the basics of what a PA system is and how to effect the sound with an equaliser, compressor or reverb.

Introducing Dorico - Where Great Things Begin

Released in October 2016 amid much hype and anticipation, Dorico is a next-generation scoring application developed by Steinberg. While existing scoring software battles with the legacy of dated code and fixes, Dorico 1.0 is poised to revolutionise how musicians write and engrave music.