Can you Hear Me?

Can you Hear Me?

After the events of the last few years, we have all had to change and adapt to new ways of communicating remotely; digital communications have become the new normal!

The domain of face-to-face education has changed somewhat into face-to-screen education. Even as things have started to settle down a bit, this will be a large part of our lives moving forward.

This forced us all into a new world of technology that didn’t always come easily (and sometimes was downright painful!) I’m sure you have experienced people on the other end of a virtual meeting that sound like they are in a cathedral, which makes understanding what they are saying very difficult.

Normally in a face-to-face context, our ears are great at focusing on speech and disregarding the noise in a room, so you would never know there is a problem until you tried to communicate with a microphone which normally can’t perform this trick like our ears can.

Audio Solutions

As much as this is a problem brought to light with technology, this same technology can also help solve the issue. Thanks to audio processing, we can remove reverberation, background noise and fix a range of issues associated with microphone audio capture. With Yamaha’s range of Unified Communications devices, we can make sure you are not only heard on the other end loudly and clearly, but you can also hear everyone else as well, without any nasty side effects.

Our recommendations

The YVC-200 is the smallest product in the range and is perfect for an individual in an office (be it at home or not) or really any room at all. It will remove background noise and reverberation and keep the volume of your voice consistent and clear. It is also portable with a built in rechargeable battery and will connect to your phone via Bluetooth.

The YVC-330 is the next step up and allows a few people (3 to 5) to gather and performs all of the same functions as its smaller sibling. Added benefits include the addition of noise rejection making use in open plan spaces simple and straightforward.

The YVC-1000 takes all of this and expands again. Suitable for larger meeting rooms, this device can be expanded with multiple microphones to suit spaces with as many as 40 people in them.

The crown jewel of the range is known as ADECIA and is a combination of an advanced microphone, either ceiling or table top mounted wth a dedicated processor and speakers. All together this system provides the best audio experience for both ends of a call. The powerful processing in these devices allows clear speech to be picked up at 8 meters away (for the ceiling microphone) and for the person/people speaking to be tracked even if walking around the room with no loss of clarity. It really must be experienced to be believed!

The best part of all is that these devices only require a USB connection between you and your computer and most systems will automatically select them as the default audio device. They work with Mac and PC and perform well on any meeting platform you use, as well as being Zoom and Microsoft Teams certified. Fantastic audio is achievable with minimal effort and very minimal technology barriers with Yamaha Unified Communications.

Mark Lapthorne is the Technical Specialist for Audio Technology Solutions here at Yamaha Music Australia. He has a host of audio industry experience having worked in live sound, recording studio, film, TV and podcasts both professionally and for passion. He holds a degree in Music and is a keen student of all things audio and acoustics. Mark assists with a broad variety of systems integration and design, helping everyone achieve their audio goals.