New Term, New Sound - Back to School with Yamaha Music

Learning music isn't just about making noise, instruments are the secret to unlocking student brainpower and creative exploration. There are many fantastic instruments your child might want to give a go - each one with its own special flair. As children dive into the creative world of learning music at school, help them choose the right musical instrument with Yamaha!

DTX452KPLUS Drum Kit Package

Having fun in the learning process is one of the keys to making progress. With this in mind, we developed the DTX452KPLUS to be the perfect practice kit for children learning to play the drums. This package has everything an aspiring drummer needs to get started: great electric drums, a drum stool, drumsticks, and headphones that allow your child to play their drums whenever they want, without disturbing the family with the loud volume that's usually associated with playing drums. In-built training features turn practice sessions into interactive games that develop drumming skills more quickly while motivating students to stay on their drumming journey. Students can also download the free Yamaha app DTX402 Touch that helps them to manipulate the sounds of their drums and control almost every element of the kit so they can build custom sets to perfectly suit their personal music taste. Learn more about the DTX452KPLUS here

GIGMAKER C40 Classical Guitar Pack

This classical guitar package has everything your child needs to start playing the guitar! The pack contains one of Yamaha most popular guitars, the C40 nylon string guitar, clip-on tuner, and guitar bag. The C40 is built to last, perfect for children that are starting to learn. They're a combination of high quality and affordability with superb construction, sound, and playability. If you child has ever thought of playing the guitar, this pack will get them started. Learn more about the GIGMAKER C40 Classical Guitar Pack here

GIGMAKER Level Up Electric Guitar Pack

Does your child dream of becoming a rock star or playing guitar in a band? The GIGMAKER Level Up Electric Guitar Pack is the complete electric guitar pack specifically designed for beginners! Equipped with all the necessary tools to get your child started: the Yamaha Pacifica 112J electric guitar, Line 6 Spider V 20 MkII amplifier and essential accessories, clip-on tuner, strap, cable and picks. The Pacifica guitar is lightweight, versatile and easy-to-play, with the quality and longevity that only Yamaha can offer. The Line 6 Spider amp features 78-amp models and 101 effects that will get any beginner ready to explore their own sound. Learn more about the GIGMAKER Level Up Electric Guitar Pack here

HS3 & HS4 Speakers (Studio Monitors)

Music production starts with the right speakers. Yamaha's iconic HS speaker range has defined music production for decades. It's highly likely that many of your child's favourite musicians and bands have used the HS range to produce music. The new Yamaha HS3 and HS4 are compact speakers, specifically studio monitors, made by Yamaha for people who aspire to be music or video producers. These speakers are designed to give exceptionally clear and accurate sound. They have a special design that helps reproduce all the different sounds in music, like deep bass and high notes, so you can hear everything the way it's supposed to sound. Apart from music production, these speakers are also great for your child to listen to music or to enjoy high-quality sound at home playing games, listening to a podcast, or watching videos. Learn more about the HS3 & HS4 Speakers here

PSR-E373 Digital Keyboard

This 61-key keyboard ticks all the boxes to start beginners off on the right note. The PSR-E373 has a wide variety of high-quality instrument voices and features to make learning the keyboard fun and intuitive. The built in learning mode can accelerate musical development and comes packed with a wide variety of auto-accompaniment styles to guarantee that practice is fun and engaging. If you child has wanted to learn the piano or the keyboard, this is an amazing starter instrument. Learn more about the PSR-E373 Digital Keyboard

TW-E3C Earphones

The TW-E3C True Wireless earphones are an affordable and feature packed option for the ultimate on-the-go experience. In addition to delivering authentic, high-performance sound the TW-E3 also features multi-point, enabling children to remain paired with two devices at the same time. There is also ambient sound mode so your child can still hear the world around them. Learn more about the TW-E3C Earphones here

Silent Brass SBJ Series

As every parent of a budding trumpeter, trombonist, or tuba player knows, brass instruments can be loud. The Yamaha SILENT Brass™ system (also available for French horn, flugelhorn, and euphonium), provides the ideal solution. This series consists of a smaller, lighter, freer blowing Pickup Mute™, and the new generation Personal Studio™. Just plug in the included headphones and your child can practise to their heart's content, without interrupting the peace and quiet of everyone else. Learn more about the Silent Brass SBJ here

YDP-165 Arius Digital Piano

Have a child who loves playing the keyboard or piano and wants something stylish? This 88 note weighted keyboard includes a bench that matches its high-quality wooden frame. YDP-165 uses technology to recreate the authentic resonances of an acoustic piano, giving your child an immersive experience at home. For anyone looking to improve their piano skills the YDP-165 can be played with or without headphones sounding wonderful in all scenarios. Learn more about the YDP-165 Arius Digital Piano here

YAS-280 Student Alto Saxophone

With its light weight and ergonomic shape, the YAS-280 saxophone is easy for children and teenagers to hold and play, ensuring every child has the best chance of success with their new instrument. Featuring lacquered keys and a sturdy neck, this saxophone delivers consistent sound intonation from the get-go. Including a backpack styled case for protection and easy transport to and from school. Learn more about the YAS-280 Alto Saxophone here

YRS-24B Student Recorder

The recorder is a memorable Yamaha instrument! Children love playing this recorder due to its ease and clear soft tone. ABS recorders are durable and easy to care for whilst providing a tone similar to that of natural wood. This is the perfect entry-level instrument to get your child started in the endless world of wind instruments. Who knows what they will play next after perfecting playing the recorder. Learn more about the YRS-24B Student Recorder here