Yamaha Announces Wide Range of Music Products at the NAMM Show

The 2023 NAMM Show is being held from April 13 to 15 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. This year, Yamaha has introduced breakthrough products across multiple musical categories, including piano, synthesizer, winds, guitar, drums and percussion, and professional audio.

Below are all the new products that have been announced:


FG9 Acoustic Guitar

The new flagship FG9 steel-string acoustic guitar is handcrafted in Japan and features a hand-selected Adirondack Spruce top complemented by either Indian Rosewood (FG9 R) or African Mahogany (FG9 M) back and sides. Its unique combination of projection and clarity distinguishes the FG9 from all other instruments in its class.

TH-WL500 Ultra Low Latency Wireless Headphones

YH-WL500 Headphones

YH-WL500 ultra-low latency wireless stereo headphones are designed specifically for musicians. Simply connect the transmitter to any amplifier, modeler, multi-effects processor, or instrument with a headphone output to enjoy the freedom and convenience of wireless headphones.

CVP-900 Series

CVP-900 Series

Yamaha Music Australia is pleased to announce the exciting new Clavinova Digital Piano CVP-900 series. Yamaha has refined, what is truly an inspiration and joy to play, starting with improved Yamaha CFX & Bösendorfer Imperial piano sounds, new Bösendorfer (in addition to CFX) binaural sampling, new grand expression modelling, and new GrandTouch pedals.

New TC3 Transacoustic Pianos

TransAcoustic TC3 Pianos

Yamaha is excited to launch the TransAcoustic TC3 for JU109 and U1J acoustic piano models. Yamaha’s TransAcoustic Piano allows you to mute the sound and even control the volume, while still enveloping you with the uniquely rich sound of an acoustic piano. At the heart of the piano, the soundboard amplifies and projects the natural timbres generated by the transducer, providing an entirely new way to enjoy an advanced digital piano

Stage Custom Birch New Colours 2023

Stage Custom Birch - New Finishes

Yamaha’s class leading Stage Custom Birch series drums has an exciting new look for 2023 with the introduction of 3 new lacquer finishes. Matte Surf Green first seen in the Stage Custom Hip series has joined the full range, Classic White updates the previous Pure White finishes with a classy vintage look and Deep Blue Sunburst adds a modern burst option that highlights the beautiful wood grain of their all-birch drum shells. A full range of drum sizes is available in all three of these new finishes so you can truly customise your setup to be ready for any stage.

New Silent Brass 2023

All New Silent Brass

Yamaha’s next generation SILENT Brass delivers greater playing enjoyment, anytime, anywhere. The new SILENT Brass consists of a new Personal Studio, which features Yamaha’s exclusive Brass Resonance Modelling.

Used together, the two deliver the natural acoustic tone you hear when playing without a mute, making it feel as though you are playing mute free.

YDS120 Digital Saxophone

YDS120 Digital Saxophone

Encounter more moments that make your heart flutter, as you bring forth melodies from your saxophone with your breath and fingers. This digital saxophone eliminates restrictions on where and when you can play, while offering the same tonal diversity, deep low notes, and delicate highs of an acoustic instrument. Step into a new world where you can play the saxophone in a way that’s all you.

New YBB623 Tubas

YBB623 & YCB623 Tubas

After years of development, Yamaha are excited to invite Tuba players from around the world to try our new YBB623 and YCB623 tubas. After thoroughly examining the complex relationship between player and instrument, a totally new layout delivers evolutionary advances in function and playability that are nothing short of astonishing. From the moment the instrument is held, it becomes one with the player so that he or she can concentrate fully on what is most important: the music itself.

YBL835 Trombone

YBL-835 Trombone

The YBL-835 has evolved to deliver the power and performance that modern music demands. It has an open playing feel and produces rich, authoritative tone that responds ideally to player control. Developed with support from internationally acclaimed artist Tomer Maschkowski, every detail of the YBL-835 has been refined to deliver world-class tone and playability in performance situations ranging from solo to orchestral. The YBL-835 features a redesigned slide receiver to deliver a more enhanced playing response. A detachable hand rest to ensure it is comfortable in all hands. Plus the YBL range also has the option of a detachable bell.

FG9 M angle


FG9 is Yamaha’s flagship steel string acoustic guitar built specifically for players looking for a traditional dreadnought sound, yet with enhanced projection and clear articulation.

YH-WL500 with transmitter


Ultra-High Speed Wireless Stereo Headphones for Musical Instruments

CVP-905 Polished Ebony angle


As the standard model CVP-900 Series, the CVP-905 offers grand piano-like playability and authentic Styles and Voices.

Colour Variation Available Other Colours Available
CVP-909 Polished Ebony angle


In addition to the outstanding expressive capabilities of a piano, the flagship model CVP-909 comes with a wealth of the best Styles and Voices that the CVP Series has to offer.

Colour Variation Available Other Colours Available
CVP-909GP Polished Ebony angle


In addition to the functions of the flagship CVP-909, the CVP-909GP features boasts a luxurious, elegant grand piano-style cabinet that recreates the three-dimensional acoustics of a grand.

Colour Variation Available Other Colours Available

TransAcoustic™ TC3

Features convenient volume control, yet maintains gorgeous acoustic piano resonance. Recommended for those who want to enjoy advanced TransAcoustic™ technology on a standard Yamaha piano.

Stage Custom Birch (Matte Surf Green)

Stage Custom Birch

Elevating drummer’s expectations for a generation. Hand lacquered, all-birch ply Stage Custom. Solid.

Colour Variation Available Other Colours Available
Yamaha SILENT Brass™

SILENT Brass™ SBJ Series

Pickup Mute™ and Personal Studio™ set delivers natural acoustic tone you hear when playing without a mute.

Yamaha YDS-120


Make saxophone playing even more accessible. This digital saxophone eliminates restrictions on where and when you can play, while offering the same tonal diversity, deep low notes, and delicate highs of an acoustic instrument.

Yamaha Tubas YBB-623S


Professional BBb Tubas.

Yamaha Tubas YCB-623S


Professional C Tubas.


Custom Xeno Bass Trombones.