Step into the Spotlight


01 Overview

This video introduces a new Yamaha's portable PA system, STAGEPAS 1K. With a 1000W amp, this all-in-one speaker and sub combo is equipped with a comprehensive digital mixer that is flexible enough to accommodate gigging musicians, school or corporate speaking events, and even DJs looking to liven up a party.

02 Basic Operations

In the previous video, we gave you an overview of the STAGEPAS 1K. This time, we’ll focus on how to set up and control the STAGEPAS 1K taking a setup of a guitarist with a microphone for example.

03 Connecting via Bluetooth®

We know that being a performer means you can't always be walking back and forth to the mixer. So in this video, we’re going to talk about how you can use your mobile device’s Bluetooth to wirelessly adjust the EQ and volume OR play pre-recorded music when you can’t be near the STAGEPAS 1K.

04 STAGEPAS Editor Tips & Tricks

In this video, we are going to introduce some useful tips when using the STAGEPAS Editor app with your STAGEPAS 1K.