First Australian recital of the Yamaha SX Series premium grand pianos

Dr. Mark Gasser & special guest Thomas Marlin (cello)
Shuan Hern Lee
Tony Gould AM & special guest Paul Cornelius (saxophone)

Yamaha Music Australia celebrated the arrival of all four models of the new SX range with an exclusive recital at the Yamaha Premium Piano Centre, featuring a diverse collection of musicians and performances.

The pianos performed equally brilliantly under the hands of talented and spirited young performer Shuan Hern Lee, as they did under the delicate and expressive touch of veteran jazz performer Tony Gould. The all important role of the piano as an accompanying voice was demonstrated skilfully by Dr. Mark Gasser.

Cameron Tait, Marketing Manager - Traditional Instruments, spoke at the launch: “There is a timeless resonance, and a certain quality one rarely hears in brand new pianos. These pianos set a new benchmark and will become the standard in premium grands”

The SX Series grand pianos are available in four models (S3X, S5X, S6X and S7X), and feature specifications resulting from years of prototyping and testing, including inheriting design DNA from the CFX concert grand piano.

To try the SX Series pianos, contact your local stocking dealer, or make an appointment at the Yamaha Premium Piano Centre