Music Wonderland Course

Suitable for: 3 years old

Music Wonderland is a unique course designed to introduce your child to music. By combining singing and keyboard playing with movement and listening, your child will develop fundamental musical skills in a positive and enjoyable atmosphere.

Taught by highly qualified and trained Yamaha teachers, lessons are specifically designed and structured to ensure all activities are engaging and age appropriate. Colourful textbooks and beautifully orchestrated music on CD form part of the Music Wonderland program and are designed to capture the interest of this age group and inspire a love of music in your child.


  • Encourage your child's interest in music
  • Help advance intellectual, social and emotional development
  • Develop your child’s fundamental musical skills
  • Develop your child’s creativity and imagination
  • Foster musical awareness during a key development stage
  • Provides a pathway into Yamaha’s Junior Music Course

Students will experience:

  • Keyboard playing
  • Solfege singing as part of group
  • Music appreciation
  • Rhythm training
  • Imagination
  • Lyric singing
  • Aural training

Course information:

Class Length 45 Minutes
Course Length 6-12 Months
Parent Participation Required
Class Type Group
Assessment Type No Assessment
Materials CD, Book & Stickers
Cost Per Lesson $19.00
Cost Per Semester (including materials) $430.00 (based on 20 lessons)