Junior Music Course

Suitable for: 4-5 years old

Junior Music Course is a distinctive Yamaha Music Education program designed to provide your child with fundamental music abilities. By offering a comprehensive curriculum, your child will develop an excellent musical foundation with the opportunity to progress their skills.

Children join the Junior Music Course at ages 4 and 5 with lessons focused on providing an age appropriate music education to enable children to reach their full musical potential, now and in the future. The fundamentals of music are systematically taught by highly qualified teachers through listening, singing, keyboard/piano playing, reading, writing and creating in a fun, structured and supportive group lesson.


  • Assists with cognitive and fine motor development
  • Foster technical skills appropriate for muscle development
  • Help encourage music appreciation through active listening
  • Develop your child's expressive tone and creativeness
  • Develop your child’s ensemble playing skills through group activities
  • Provides a pathway into Yamaha's Junior Extension Course

Students will experience:

  • Keyboard playing
  • Aural training
  • Ensemble playing
  • Harmony training
  • Rhythm training
  • Music appreciation
  • Reading and writing
  • Take part in Yamaha's Annual Concert

Course information:

Class Length 60 Minutes
Course Length 2 Years
Parent Participation Required
Class Type Group
Assessment Type Fundamental Skills Survey
Materials CD, DVD, Book & Student Kit
Cost Per Lesson $28.00
Cost Per Semester (including materials) $650.00 (based on 20 lessons)