Junior Fundamental Course

Suitable for: 6-7 years old

Yamaha's Junior Fundamental Course enables your child to develop essential music skills through multi-faceted approaches. By focusing on keyboard performance and aural development, your child will encompass the necessary requirements to reach their full potential.

A variety of age-appropriate teaching styles are taught by highly qualified educators, utilising skills that challenge and motivate your child, with a focus on developing independence, creativity, self-expression and keyboard/piano playing skills in a dynamic group environment.

The Junior Fundamental Course enables the students to acquire excellent musical skills through a carefully planned curriculum and approach, enabling them to progress to our Junior Step program after one year.


  • Learn repertoire and music skills suitable to their age and development
  • Develops excellent performance skills
  • Nurtures your child's vocabulary skills to develop melodic and harmonic aural skills
  • Successfully learn how to play music within a group environment
  • Foster your child's technical skills through sound development
  • Provides a pathway to Yamaha's Junior Step Course

Students will experience:

  • Keyboard performance
  • Aural development
  • Ensemble playing
  • Keyboard harmony
  • Music appreciation
  • Lyric singing
  • Rhythm training
  • Take part in Yamaha's Annual Concert

Course information:

Class Length 60 Minutes
Course Length 1 Year
Parent Participation Not Required
Class Type Group
Assessment Type No Assessment
Materials CD, Book
Cost Per Lesson $30.00
Cost Per Semester (including materials) $635.00 (based on 20 lessons)