Junior Ensemble Course

Yamaha Advanced Courses produce extremely accomplished and musical pianists, composers, arrangers and performers who have a deep passion for, and understanding of, a wide variety of music and musical styles. The students are able to apply the unique skills learnt in these courses to any musical situation.

Yamaha Advanced Courses' students sit for high-level student exams in the Yamaha Grade Examination System, with some students also completing teacher level exams. They continue to compose longer and more complex compositions and as well as performing in class and city Junior Original Concerts, some students are also invited to perform their compositions in overseas concerts such as the Asia Pacific Junior Original Concert and International Junior Original Concert held each year.

Many graduates of Yamaha Advanced Courses have gone on to develop life-long careers in music – as performing artists (both here in Australia and overseas), composers, members of world-class orchestras and highly regarded music educators.


  • Continuing to create musical independence through composition
  • Fostering their performance skills and self-expression when playing
  • Further capitalizing on your child's physical, mental and emotional development
  • Advanced development of aural and reading skills
  • Ongoing encouragement within a group environment, assisting with team work
  • Eligible to partake in private tuition upon graduation from Yamaha Advanced Course

Students will experience:

  • Repertoire playing
  • Rhythm & Aural training
  • Advanced keyboard harmony
  • Advanced ensemble playing
  • Transposition
  • Improvisation
  • Opportunity to perform at Yamaha’s Annual Concert
  • Eligible for Yamaha’s Grade Examination
  • Take part in Junior Original Concert

Course information:

Class Length 60 Minutes
Course Length 2 Years
Parent Participation Not Required
Class Type Group
Assessment Type Yamaha Piano Grade 8 Exam
Materials CD, Book
Cost Per Lesson $32.00
Cost Per Semester (including materials) $690.00 (based on 20 lessons)