Testimonials And Positive Feedback

At Yamaha Music Education, we pride ourselves on offering a quality music education that impacts both our students and parents in such a positive way. Our students, parents and teachers remain such an integral part of the ongoing success within our Yamaha programs, and we appreciate the time taken by our parents in writing the following testimonials.

“We love Yamaha because it teaches children musicianship from ear training, solfege singing, rhythm training and correct finger movements, in addition to piano training. My son has had Yamaha music training since he was 3.5 years of age and 4 years on, we are still happy with the music experience he has which as a result, we enrolled our daughter to Yamaha as well.”

“I like the way singing, reading music and playing are combined in the lessons. The teachers are wonderful and encourage my child to constantly improve her musical ability. I particularly like the original composing that children do, which really builds confidence.”

“I chose Yamaha because it encourages my children to play and create their own pieces. All the teachers are friendly and enthusiastic, encouraging the children to participate in class. The course books are also fun to read and helps my child when learning music.”

“In today’s world where kids are surrounded with so many distractions, I like that music offers a nice and constructive activity. I strongly believe that music enhances a child's brain development and contributes to their overall growth.”

“I chose Yamaha because they have a friendly but intelligent strategy. Like all parents, I want the best for my daughter and it only makes sense to go with a music school that knows what they’re doing.”

“This program teaches my child to learn in a playful way with excellent guidance from experienced teachers. The course is nicely structured and well-taught.”

“My son has been in Yamaha Music for the past 4 years. The reason we chose Yamaha is because of the kid-friendly approach when teaching music.”

“Yamaha Music teaches discipline in an enjoyable manner which I cannot always do to my children. It’s perfect for parents too I believe.”

“Yamaha encourages creativity and love of music that really builds a lifetimes love of music.”