About Us

The Yamaha Music Education System provides music education through courses designed for a broad range of students, including children, youths and adults, from beginners to those who wish to acquire a high-level of music ability.

The foundations of this idea began with “Music Class for Pre-school Children”, in Tokyo in 1954 and later developed into the Yamaha Music School, establishing itself throughout various countries from 1964, and opening in Australia in 1970.

Since launching almost 50 years ago, Yamaha Music Education Australia continues to embody Yamaha’s internationally designed curriculum and bringing out a child’s potential by nurturing their capabilities to express themselves through music.

Today, the Yamaha Music Education System remains part of the world’s largest music company, and has developed into a globally recognized system with more than 650,000 students, 20,000 instructors and in over 40 countries. Along with this, more than 6 million students have graduated from our schools, with alumni numbers continuing to grow.


  • Internationally designed curriculum
  • Developed over 60 years
  • 6 million graduates
  • 650,000 students world-wide
  • Taught in over 40 countries