RM-TT Tabletop Array Microphone

Name OS Size Last Update
ProVisionaire Design V1.0.1 for Win 11/10 and firmware Win 612.7MB 2023-07-26
ProVisionaire Control KIOSK V3.12.0 for Win 11/10 Win 92.1MB 2023-06-07
ProVisionaire Control V3.12.0 for Win 11/10 Win 107.3MB 2023-06-07
ADECIA Firmware V2.0.0 - 308.6MB 2023-01-26
RM Device Finder V2.0.0 - 1.1MB 2023-01-26
RM-TT Firmware V2.0.0 - 52.5MB 2023-01-26
Name English English
ProVisionaire Design User Guide [13.7MB]
ProVisionaire Design User Guide (HTML) [English]
RM-TT Installation Manual [2.3MB]
RM-TT License Agreement of Open-Source Software [526KB]
RM-TT Reference Manual [1.6MB]

Remote Communication Solutions

Name English English
ADECIA Tabletop Solution System Configuration Guide [672KB]
BIM Data for Revit (ADECIA_RM-CR, RM-TT, SWR-2311P-10G, VXL1-16P) [8.1MB]
BIM Data for Revit (RM-TT) [661KB]
RM-Series Remote Control Protocol Specifications (V 2.0.0) [987KB]
RM-TT - CAD Drawing [424KB]
RM-TT - Datasheet [700KB]
RM-TT A&E - Datasheet [41KB]
Yamaha UC Private MIB [544KB]