Type A

The Type A headjoint enables the flutist to produce an easy yet colorful sound and still play using a wide dynamic range.

Type B

The Type B headjoint has sharp bending curve on front lip plate with French style headjoint taper. Powerful well-balanced tone with even projection.

Type C

The Type C headjoint has the sound concept of a pure sound and rich resonance hidden in natural and graceful tone. It has a comfortable playing resistance with excellent feel and playability providing amazing diversity in expression.

Type E

The Type E headjoint has high, narrow chimney walls. Excellent resonance and ideal air resistance for tone control. Direct, straightforward sound.

Type H

The Type H headjoint has small undercut area, providing outstanding tone color flexibility.

Type K

The Type K headjoint has the sound concept of a powerful tone and wide dynamic range with good presence reaching the entire hall.

Type M

The Type M headjoint has the sound concept of a rich, colorful sound and tonal freedom and was specially developed for the 900MV and 800MV Series flute.

Type Y

The Type Y headjoint has taper which is similar to the French taper but with a double flare design. Warm tone color. Excellent center in the mid to high range.

The colours and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.