YCL-CSVR/CSVR-A Bb/A Clarinets

Refined for Freedom of Expression

The CSVR exceeds the current standard in clarinet tone, playability, and intonation. Evenness was a priority in design; the intention was to make sure that every register and dynamic level had an unsurpassable control and uniformity. This is, in part, due to the traditional style bore of the CSVR, which also allows the player the superior expressive capabilities. Yamaha’s quality craftsmanship and commitment to research and development surpasses all the current expectation of even the most discerning clarinettist.

Thick Key Plating

A thick key plating means that the CSVR has rich expressive capabilities, particularly when played loudly.

Durable Leather Pads

Durable leather pads are used for their rich tonal quality with the additional benefit of giving players a buzz-free playing experience.

65 mm Traditional Barrel Shape

The traditional barrel shape of the CSVR enhances the playing experience giving players a well-balanced response, and perfect resistance. The elegant new ‘R’ logo on the barrel emphasises this beautifully refined instrument.

New Ergonomic Design C#/G# Key

Attention to detail was paramount when re-designing the CSV and by making the C#/G# key 2mm longer, the touch and playability have been greatly improved.

Traditional Bell Shape

The traditional bell shape without scallop chamber achieves tone with superb presence and a focused core.

Adjustable Thumb-Rest with Strap Ring

The adjustable thumb rest allows players to find the most comfortable setting. The addition of a strap ring gives players the option to distribute the weight of the instrument and relieve some of the strain of holding the instrument.