YV-3710(M) Vibraphones

Concert Percussion Catalog

Name English English
Dr. Michael Varner: "Developing the Mallet Percussion Roll" [384KB]
Greg Gazzola: "Raising Expectations for High School Percussionists Through Percussion Ensemble Literature" [271KB]
Jim Petercsak: "Concert Percussion Instrumentation - Equipment Recommendations" [294KB]
Joel Tetzlaff: "Mallets for the Band Room: Making sure your students have the proper Keyboard Mallets" [325KB]
Nanae Mimura: "Establishing Your Originality: A Way to a Meaningful Performance" [194KB]
Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic: "General Principles of Mallet Technique:Shifting, Accuracy & Power Strokes" [329KB]
Ney Rosauro: "Crossing Grip Extensions" [354KB]
Rebecca Kite: "Keyboard Percussion Repertoire: Elementary through High School" [267KB]
Vicki Peterson Jenks: "Practical Strategies for Teaching Beginning Mallet Instruments" [277KB]
YV-4110 YV-3910 YV-3710 YV-2700 YV-2700G YV-520 Owner's Manual [2.2MB]