5-Piece Neck Through design

The neck through design uses a 5-piece maple and mahogany neck sandwiched between the maple on alder body.

Contoured Body

Both the front and back of the bass body are contoured to provide players with a compact, well fitting instrument that offers greater playing comfort.


The stack type pickups are designed in collaboration with Nathan East. The Alnico V pickups include hum-canceling coils.

Indivisual Bridge Pieces

The bridge consists of individual bridge pieces that reduce interference from other string vibration delivering a purer tone.

Active Electronics

Active electronics include a special equalizer circuit based on Nathan East's "Magic Box". The circuit lets you cut off the selected mid frequency at the touch of a switch for precision sound tailoring.


1 : Pickup Balancer

2 : Master Volume

3 : Bass

4 : Middle

5 : Treble

6 : Mid Cut Frequency

7 : Mid Cut On/Off Switch