THR Series



More power, more sounds, and new wireless options.


Designed for acoustic guitarists, with a mic input for singers


The original desktop amp.

THR Head Discontinued

Finding the perfect tone is a journey- searching for boutique pedals, making custom cables, swapping out speakers, experimenting with different tubes- each step a discovery that leads down a new creative path. With THR amp heads, Yamaha has designed innovative, flexible amplifiers that will play an integral role in your sonic journey to find that perfect sound.※To download the latest firmware, please see the ”Downloads" tab

Cabinet Discontinued

Designed to complement THR Head, the THRC112 and THRC212 cabinets feature unique cosmetics and configurations designed to get the most out of your amp. With 18mm plywood construction, a closed back design and premium Eminence drivers, the THR cabinets are road-ready enclosures designed to fit in a mix as well as they fit in your living room.


YH-WL500 with transmitter

YH-WL500 New

Ultra-High Speed Wireless Stereo Headphones for Musical Instruments

SessionCake Series

SessionCake Discontinued

Practice by yourself, or link together with other players for a band rehearsal or jam session with no hassle, no space restrictions and no disturbing your neighbors or family.



Carry bag for THR series