LIVE CUSTOM Live Custom opens up a whole new world in drum tone that pumps up audiences to new levels of excitement


  Bass Drum
Size (Diameter×Depth) 24"×18" 22"×18" 22"×16" 22"×14" 20"×16" 18"×14"
  LNB2218 LNB2216 LNB2214 LNB2016 LNB1814
R version without pipe clamp LNB2418R LNB2218R
  Floor Tom
Size (Diameter×Depth) 18"×16" 16"×15" 14"×13"
  LNF1816 LNF1615 LNF1413
  Tom Tom Snare Drum
Size (Diameter×Depth) 16"×13" 14"×11" 13"×9" 12"×8" 10"×7" 8"×7" 14"×5 1/2"
  LNT1613 LNT1411 LNT1309 LNT1208 LNT1007 LNT0807 LNS1455


  Floor Tom Tom Tom Tom Holder
LNP6F3 LNF1615 LNT1208 LNT1007 TH945B
LNP4F3 LNF1413 LNT1208 LNT1007 TH945B