YC Series – YC61, YC73 and YC88

YC OS v1.1


YC OS v1.1 enhances your YC experience with new sounds, workflow enhancements and more. Install OS v1.1 today and let us know here if you have an idea for a new sound or feature for our next update.



The Nashville C3 is a small but character-rich grand piano engineered in conjunction with our Sound Design and Artist Relations teams. The piano was recorded in our Yamaha Entertainment Group Studios and processed with real analog tape for a distinctive vibe and character.


The classic CF3 sound from the Yamaha CP300 stage piano is well-known among professional musicians. A great fit for both pop and gospel music, players will find that the CF3 offers the powerful sound they’re looking for.

[ 73 RD STUDIO ]

This 1973 studio tine electric piano features smooth, warm tones, perfect for laying down chord beds in ballads, jazz and R&B.

[ 74 RD STAGE ]

Another option when looking for something more aggressive, this bright electric stage piano works well for soloing or more syncopated rhythm parts.


・Added a new feature called “P.Mod initial.” This features stores and recalls the initial Pitch Modulation amount for a LIVE SET.

・Moved P.Mod Depth and Speed parameters from “Controller” to “Sound” Settings.

・Improved P.Mod speed characteristics.

・Press ENTER while in SETTINGS returns to the previous page instead of the top of the page.


YC OS v1.1 adds eight new Live Set Sounds featuring the Nashville C3, Yamaha CF3, 73 Rd Studio and 74 Rd Stage.