CP88/73 Series


Sound is the most important part of any musical instrument. CP73 and CP88 stage pianos feature a wide range of grand piano, upright piano, electric piano and keyboard sounds for playing any music genre.

Premium Acoustic Grand Pianos

CP73 and 88 feature six grand pianos the Yamaha C7, C3, and four premium concert grands in the CFX, S700, CF3 and the Bösendorfer Imperial 290. Through meticulous recording and voicing, these unique pianos now bring a variety of tone, dynamics and character to any performance.

[ CFX ] The result of over seventeen years in development, the Yamaha CFX, our flagship concert grand piano. With clear highs, powerful bass and incredibly dynamic range, the CFX boasts the strength to project over a full symphony orchestra.

[ BÖSENDORFER IMPERIAL 290 ] Bösendorfer is currently the only manufacturer in the world still practicing the Viennese handcrafted design tradition to the rich tonal characteristics of the “Viennese Sound.” Their 9.5’ 8-octave Imperial 290 model features extended bass notes for warm bass and natural treble.

[ S700 ] Built by Yamaha master artisans, the S700 is a handcrafted acoustic grand piano with the power to cut through dense arrangements and the control to remain expressive in solo and sparse settings. A staple from the S90 ES stage synthesizer and MOTIF ES music production synthesizer, the S700 remains one of the most popular grand piano Voices available today.

[Hamburg Piano : OS v1.5] The full, rich tones of an authentic Hamburg concert grand piano, recorded in a concert hall by one of the world’s foremost classical music engineers to capture every nuance.

[ NASHVILLE C3 : OS v1.4 ] The Nashville C3 is a small but character-rich grand piano engineered in conjunction with our Sound Design and Artist Relations teams. The piano was recorded in our Yamaha Entertainment Group Studios and processed with real analog tape for a distinctive vibe and character.

[ CF3 : OS v1.3 and 1.4 ] New to OS v1.4, the classic CF3 sound from the Yamaha CP300 stage piano is well-known among professional musicians. A excellent fit for both pop and gospel music, players will find that the CF3 offers the powerful sound they’re looking for. CP OS v1.3 and CP OS v1.4 add different sound variations of this highly requested piano.

[ C7 : OS v1.1 ] The Yamaha C7 holds the honor of being the most recorded piano in music history. Not only does its signature sound cut through dense mixes to work well with any kind of music requiring a bright piano, but the C7 also features an exceptionally expressive soft layer as well.

Yamaha Acoustic Upright Piano

[ U1 ] The UI is the most popular upright piano in the world. The CP73 and CP88 U1 Voice features a vintage, well-used character. This makes it perfect for any music needing the vibe and sound of an authentic upright piano.

[ SU7 ] The SU7 is the flagship Yamaha acoustic upright piano. The SU7 delivers a rich, resonant tone from shared CFX concert grand hammer specification.

[Felt Piano : OS v1.5] This is felt piano done the Yamaha way. In a collaboration with Steinberg, we recorded our felt piano in the Yamaha speaker test lab using a proprietary sampling robot to create ultra-precise note velocities and intimate layers.

Electric Pianos & Keyboards

[ Yamaha CP80 ] Yamaha introduced the CP80 and CP70 electric grand pianos in 1978 to give musicians “portable” (it weighed over 300 pounds!) grand piano sound that could cut through a live band. Now, the strength of the CP80 lives on in the CP73 and CP88 with a powerful sound that does for the piano what amplification did for guitar.

[ 78 RD ] Suitable for all music genres, the 78 Rd tine electric piano boasts a high quality, smooth sound — great for pairing with effects like chorus, delay and reverb.

[ 75 RD ] If you’re after a distinctive vibe with plenty of character, look no further than the 75 Rd. Its dirty, funkier sound with a nice low end “bark” works great for playing leads and parts requiring a more rhythmic approach.

[ 73 RD ] The 73 Rd is a warm tine electric piano Voice with vintage vibe. This piano works nicely with ballads, early 70s fusion, Neo Soul or any time you need to support a singer or lead instrument.

[ 73 RD STUDIO : OS v1.3 ] This 1973 studio tine electric piano features smooth, warm tones, perfect for laying down chord beds in ballads, jazz and R&B.

[ 74 RD STAGE : OS v1.3 ] Another option when looking for something more aggressive, this bright electric stage piano works well for soloing or more syncopated rhythm parts.

[ 67 RD : OS v1.1 ] This unique, 1967 “silver top” tine electric piano has a legacy with Los Angeles recording artists and session musicians. This instrument was fully restored, 100% authentic and featured in countless recording sessions, concerts and even television shows. Its distinct tone and “played-in” character perfectly represent an old school sound.

For versatility, we physically adjusted the original instrument’s tines to capture both dark and bright versions of this unmistakably iconic Voice.

This gives two unique and useful characters for different musical situations.

[ WR ] With vintage and modern versions, the Wr reed electric piano voice is a staple of multiple genres from rock to soul. The CP Wr electric piano Voice provides two options (“Warm” and “Bright”) so you can match the sound to the musical setting.

- WR WIDE [ OS v1.1 ] : This reed electric piano features an isolated power supply for ultra-low, virtually non-existent noise. The result was a precisely balanced, expressive sound landing just between the Wr’s Warm and Bright versions.

- ORGANS, CLAVI AND KEYBOARDS : The CP73 and CP88 also feature a variety of other keyboard sounds to cover any playing situation, including: tonewheel, transistor and pipe organs plus clavi, FM pianos and more.

Synths, Strings and more

Cover any musical situation with the CP73 and CP88’s library of synth sounds. Split, layer or solo warm pads, lush strings, deep synth basses, synth leads, brass and more. With the real-time one-to-one CP control interface, you can instantly customize your sound for performance or recording.

[ New to OS v1.5 ]

- You’ll get new pads, new synth brass, new synth leads and a new synth bass. Because there’s no such thing as too much synth.

- CP OS v1.5 gives you more instruments at your fingertips with new solo and ensemble saxes, new guitars, musette, solo strings and horn.

[ New to OS v1.4 ]

- Even more additions to pads and strings like synths, acoustic ensembles and pizzicato strings

- Sforzando brass section

- Two new guitar voices classical and fingered steel

[ New to OS v1.2 ]

- An additional 28 Sub section sounds

- New pads and strings perfect for layering with pianos

- Chromatic percussion vibraphones, marimbas and more

- Expanded CP versatility with bass, synth leads and brass


CP73 and 88 feature an extensive, integrated effects section for creating your own, unique sound. Each of the three sections (Piano section, Electric piano section and Sub section) features dedicated effects.

There are also master effects with delay, reverb and master EQ with dedicated controls for easy, real-time tweaking.


Virtual Circuitry Modeling re-creates the sound and behavior of vintage effects and high-end studio signal processors by modeling the circuits down to the original analog component level.


The feel of an instrument is how a musician conveys their uniqueness. CP73 and CP88 feature keyboard action designed with knowledge informed by over 100 years of acoustic piano-making to provide piano players with the action they need for maximum expression.

CP88: Fast, responsive keyboard action designed for piano players

CP88 features an 88-key Natural Wood, Graded Hammer, triple sensor (NW-GH) keyboard with Synthetic Ebony and Ivory Key Tops – the fastest stage piano action on the market designed by a company with over 100 years of acoustic piano-making experience for professionals who demand the best.

Natural Wood keys offer the weight and response that piano players expect. Adding different weight or "grading," the keyboard reproduces the feel of a piano's hammers: heavy in the low end and light in the high end. Synthetic Ebony and Ivory Key Tops are lightly porous which adds grip to the keys. This maintains accuracy during long performances or practice sessions.

Finally, a third sensor allows grand piano-like key repetition where notes can be re-articulated without a complete release. This makes it easier to play fast, repeated notes and is one of the main reasons pianists choose grand pianos over uprights.

CP73: New Balanced Hammer 73-note action designed for playing electric pianos

CP73 features newly-designed, 73-key balanced action that gives you authentic electric piano feel. It even features an “E-to-E” keyboard – perfect for playing in a band with a guitar and bass. Balanced action is useful when playing a variety of sounds from acoustic piano to organ or even synth.

The balanced, 73-key action makes CP73 compact and lightweight so it can go anywhere and fit on any stage or in any studio setup.


Designed to withstand hours of practicing, performing and recording, CP73 and CP88 are built to be intuitive and reliable.

Direct, immediate and total sound control

With its one-to-one interface, CP provides direct, immediate and total control of your sound during any performance. Forget programming, menu-diving and web searching. The CP’s intuitive interface allows fast and easy splits, layers and sound-shaping directly from the front panel.


Seamlessly link and integrate CP73 and CP88 into your recording or performance rig with onboard USB MIDI and audio connectivity.


Leveraging the power of Yamaha Synth community, CP OS lets us regularly add newly requested sounds and features to CP instruments. Each CP OS update contains all additions and improvements from previous updates, so you can be sure you’re getting everything just by installing our latest release.

[ New to OS v1.5 ]

- CP OS v1.5 puts you in control of how your keyboard interacts with the tone generator. Set the depth and offset per section, easily make detailed adjustments and save your favorites in a LIVE SET.

[ NEW TO OS v1.3 ]

- Added functionality to store the Master EQ setting with the LIVE SET for enhanced customization and special effects

- Upgraded navigation with numerous added workflow features

- Navigate menus simply by using the LIVE SET buttons

- Need to quickly create a new sound? Initialize a new sound quickly with EXIT + SETTINGS

[ NEW TO OS v1.2 ]

- Additional control sources and destinations for even more expressive performance options than ever before

- Now, control the volume of the Sub Section simply by assigning a function to the mod lever


CP73 and CP88 are among the lightest and most compact instruments in their class. CP88 weighs just 18.6 kg (41 pounds) while CP73 weighs 13.1 kg (28.9 pounds).

Soft Case

CP73 and CP88 have optional soft cases available. Both cases feature wheels and have zippered compartments for storing pedals and accessories.

Music Rest

CP73 and CP88 have an optional music rest accessory available (YMR-04) – great for lead sheets or mobile devices.