Yamaha Keyboard Festival

Welcome to the Yamaha Keyboard Festival

You’re invited to be involved in one of the largest keyboard festivals in Australia.

Yamaha Keyboard Festivals are a fun, non-competitive performance opportunity for all ages. They provide a joyous, supportive atmosphere for students to gain confidence and share their musical gifts with their family and friends. Whether you've been playing for 25 years, or 5 months, we know you'll find the Keyboard Festival a valuable opportunity to work towards in your learning journey.

A central aspect of the Keyboard Festival is also the opportunity to utilise the capabilities of our Clavinova CVP series arranger digital pianos. Being able to play with a simulated backing band and a wide variety of instrument voices guarantees a fun and engaging practice regime and a captivating performance!

You can sign up for an event below, we hope to see you at a festival soon!

The Yamaha Keyboard Festival is a valuable and unique performance opportunity in your learning journey

  • Over 8,300

  • Australia Wide

  • Performance

  • Any age
    or skill level

  • Teachers


Who can participate?

Each year upwards of 1,500 students participate in Yamaha Keyboard Festivals across Australia. The Yamaha Keyboard Festival is a fun, relaxed performance opportunity in which all students can participate. Any age and skill level is welcome - all performers just need to have a desire to have fun with music and will be rewarded with a medal and certificate to acknowledge their participation. Our youngest performer to date was a 4 year old and our eldest was 90 years young!

What can I perform?

You can choose to play any style of music as a solo or even in an ensemble with friends!

What is the festival like?

Keyboard festivals whether big or small are broken up into short performance slots of 45 minutes to an hour. In each slot, 15-20 students perform for the enjoyment of the crowd gathered with great support and encouragement offered by the audience, the host and the Yamaha staff represented there. At the end of each time slot the students are presented with their medals and certificates as well as some other Yamaha goodies and a short note with a congratulations on their performance and a few tips to continue improving. Between time slots there is often refreshments and a chance to mingle with the others in attendance.

Is there a cost?

There is usually a very small entry fee, but it varies from location to location. Check with your local host for more details.

I'm a teacher. What if I don’t know how a Clavinova works?

The Yamaha Keyboard Festival is a great way to inspire students and enhance your teaching program. We now offer a Clavinova Teacher Certification Course (CTC) to help you and your students prepare for their performance.

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