An Evolutionary History.

Chapter 04 - An Evolutionary History of the YSP Series.

All About YSP

Ever since its launch in 2004, the products in the YSP series have continued to evolve to meet the changing demands of the times, constantly expanding the ways to enjoy digital content.

The series’ epoch-making models tell the story of the history of these ten years of evolution.

YSP-1 - Digital Sound Projector


Everything started here.
The world’s first Digital Sound Projector, the original YSP.

With a single-body unit making use of unique sound beam and reflecting wall technology, the YSP-1 achieved the world’s first real 5.1ch surround sound. As a completely new kind of front speaker surround sound system, it opened up a new market for home theater systems.

YSP-1000 - Digital Sound Projector


Automatic sound field optimization. The first appearance of the intelligent sound beam now taken for granted.

The YSP-1000 came with a microphone for automatic optimization of settings like beam angle and volume that had been difficult to adjust with the YSP-1. The ideal setting for any room environment could now be easily calculated. The YSP-1000 was also equipped with Yamaha’s own Cinema DSP sound field technology, expanding the options on how to enjoy surround sound.


“Kingdom of Heaven,” the world’s first BD software, was released by 20th Century Fox.

The advent of the HD audio format era.


YSP-500 - Digital Sound Projector

Only 61 cm wide!
The most compact model in YSP history.

Designed to match the width of 24-inch flat-screen TVs, the standard size at the time, but packed with eighteen speakers.

YSP-4000 - Digital Sound Projector

Equipped with HDMI terminals for the first time.

The YSP-4000 supported link functions and full high definition video transmission, could be operated easily with a TV remote control.
From the device body to the beam unit, everything in the YSP-4000 was newly designed with the concept of “the best sound quality in YSP history” in mind. It came equipped with three HDMI terminals to deal with the large-scale spread of the Blu-ray Disc and full HDTV formats.

Regional Model

YRS-2000/YRS-1000 - Theater Rack System

The first rack-type models equipped with Digital Sound Projector technology.

With touches like aluminum posts, these units featured the elegant, open exterior design you’d expect from a piano maker like Yamaha. Combining the real surround sound experience of the Digital Sound Projector with a high-level design aesthetic, these units were big hits, especially in Japan.


YSP-4100 - Digital Sound Projector

The YSP series’ first 7.1ch surround sound playback is achieved.

The YSP-4100 fully supported the superior sound quality of the 7.1ch HD audio standard used with the Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio and Blu-ray formats. It provided an overwhelming sense of realism that proved it worthy of the title "full-spec YSP".

YSP-5100 - Digital Sound Projector

With 44 speakers, more than any other in the YSP series, this model was the series’ loftiest peak.

The YSP-5100 was the first YSP model mounted with the 2.5cm balanced dome tweeters used in full-scale Yamaha speakers. Its outstanding realism and superb sound quality won the YSP-5100 awards from numerous audio magazines.


Disney’s A Christmas Carol released Avatar released Up released

The year that the first de facto digital video movies were released.

YRS-2100 (Black)

YRS-1100 (white)

YRS-1100 (Urban Brown)

YRS-2100/YRS-1100 - Theater Rack System

Regional Model


An enhanced color lineup!
Our second generation of rack-type models.

With the unique Yamaha open design unchanged, the YRS-2100/1100 now featured a lineup of unit body colors, urban brown, black, or, only in the YRS-1100, white. In terms of performance, it also supported 7.1ch surround sound.

YSP-2200 - Digital Sound Projector


The YSP series’ first two-unit model!
Featuring more efficient installation and improved sound quality.

Separating the front unit and subwoofer into two units meant reduced height for the front unit, making it possible to set it up in front of the TV, across the TV’s legs. The dedicated subwoofer also meant enriched bass tones. This model could be called one of the YSP series’ ultimate forms.


Large-scale spread of the iPhone and Android smartphones.

YRS-1200 (Urban Brown)

YRS-1200 - Theater Rack System

Regional Model

With drawers and glass doors, designed like a piece of furniture.

Taking advantage of Yamaha’s superlative woodworking technology and combining a high level of both practicality and interior design sense, this theater rack model greatly expanded the choices available to users.


YSP-4300/3300 - Digital Sound Projector

Freedom of installation thanks to a wireless subwoofer.

The subwoofer unit became wireless through the introduction of Yamaha’s proprietary AirWired digital transmission technology, and with the included YIT-W12 iPod wireless transmitter (sold separately in some countries) this model supported iPod, iPhone, iPad and PC wireless playback.

YSP-1400 - Digital Sound Projector

App support. Operation by smartphone now possible.

Featuring a Home Theater Controller app and wireless playback via Bluetooth® technology, the YSP-1400 was equipped with advanced features tailored to suit the smartphone era.

The evolution of the YSP continues!