The sound quality and realism.

Committed to realism even in simple single-body systems.

Yamaha had also conducted research on virtual surround sound technology since before the release of the YSP-1. Sound bars produced by companies employing virtual technology have gained popularity as sound boosters for flat-screen TVs, and their prices have become lower than ever. But Yamaha, holding the position that virtual sound is entry-class technology, has remained absolutely committed to real surround sound systems that can be used regularly for a long time. So what is this “real” that the YSP series achieves?

Clear, easy-to-hear speech without voice coloring.
Surround sound with no discomfort and that you actually hear from the left, right and rear.
A wide sweet spot for enjoying sound throughout the room.

Since a sound bar is enjoyed in the comfort of your living room on a daily basis, Yamaha offers a product that allows you to immerse yourself in the world within the video, fully appreciating the realism of the audio content without listening fatigue.

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Live performances where applause sounds like applause.

It may be surprising, but for live video, the hardest thing to achieve is for applause to sound like actual applause. In order to give the sensation that you are watching from in the middle of the audience it is important that the applause arises not just in front, not just in back, but as if it is coming from all around.

With YSP, the sound of vocals, instrument tone and audience applause, all are well-balanced and natural for the first time, offering a comfortable sense of realism as if you were actually in the live venue.

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Movie sound is important, but so is hearing
the voice of a newscaster.

While the YSP series maximizes the appeal of music and movie content, we stress that at the same time it is normally also used for TV programs. In producing sound we fine-tune the process, placing importance on the idea that no matter what the content you are watching, the audio should be easy to hear and easy on the ear. High quality audio like that found on Blu-ray Discs go without saying, but from news programs, sports and variety shows to the music on your smartphone, the YSP is a truly valuable sound system that lets you get the most out of any source.





As we welcome the 10-year anniversary of YSP-1 first going on the market, many of its original development team members have moved on to manage other groups. But as part of the specialized audio manufacturer Yamaha, the team that remains has inherited the Yamaha spirit: “No compromise on sound quality.” Always considering ease of installation and listening to what the market is asking for, they will continue the evolution of the one-on-a-kind products that make up the YSP series. Experience its real magic for yourself at dealers and demo sessions around the world.

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