SOAVO Series

The Natural Sound of Soavo Music as it should be Heard

At Yamaha, we love, understand and respect music. We believe that 'Natural Sound' - the original sound of musical instruments and of the human voice - should be reproduced with nothing added or taken away. Soavo speakers are created to deliver Natural Sound, harnessing our rich history and vast experience in music, including over 125 years of making musical instruments and more than half a century of making speakers including the iconic NS-1000.


In order to achieve the most natural music reproduction, the Soavo design team spent five years researching, planning and developing the flagship speaker series. They created a cabinet design which is uniquely shaped and reinforced to realise the ultimate in music reproduction. Masterful woodworking techniques, honed by years of manufacturing world-class grand pianos are used to shape specially selected wood chosen for its acoustic qualities. Every material and design aspect was carefully considered to deliver beautiful speakers that realise the full potential of the music.


The design of the speaker cabinet is of utmost importance when aiming to create a speaker with superior sound reproduction capabilities. To provide a full, three-dimensional sound field with an awesome feeling of depth it is important to reduce standing waves within the cabinet. This is delivered by employing an innovative cabinet design with non-parallel surfaces, dividing the woofer and mid range sections by a slanted partition and strengthening the entire enclosure with vertical ladder bracing.

Clarity & Detail

The 3-cm dome tweeter is made of aluminium for its rigidity and responsiveness, and uses a neodymium magnet. It delivers sound that links the medium and high ranges with natural smoothness and transparency. Firmly integrating the diaphragm and voice coil and using a thick surround material increases the sound density and resolution in the high-range. With a heavy aluminium diecast tweeter plate that minimises unwanted resonances and an extremely fine mesh grill that provides ideal sound dissemination, the tweeter faithfully reproduces dense sound atmospheres and nuances from high-definition sources.

Emotion & Tone

Unique to Yamaha, the Soavo 901 Series employs a new A-PMD (Advanced Polymer-injected Mica Diaphragm) driver and woofer with improved cone paper in order to reproduce high-resolution audio. A-PMD is extremely light, rigid and stable, ensuring the speaker achieves smoothness, fast response, and sound with good dissemination. The driver offers outstanding power handling and responsiveness in the mid frequency range - the heart of the music, while the ensures high drive power to deliver prodigious bass volume

10 Year Warranty

Reflecting the prestigious design and unparalleled construction of Soavo 901 Series, Yamaha Music Australia is proud to offer an exclusive 10 year manufacturer’s warranty applicable to all models with the exception of the NS-SW901 subwoofer which attracts a 4 year manufacturer’s warranty. In addition to this market-leading assurance, a 12 month replacement warranty on all Soavo 901 Series Speakers ensures complete peace of mind.


Yamaha's long tradition of excellence in speaker design is brought to fullfruition with the NS-F901 floor standing speaker. This impressive speaker delivers incredibly transparent sound from all types of data-rich, high resolution sound sources. Using innovative design techniques and the highest quality materials, it is a truly superior speaker.


The NS-B951 takes bookshelf speaker quality to a new level, providing transparent sound from all types of data-rich, high resolution sound sources. Even at high volumes, there is no loss of clarity or accuracy. The strikingly bold design matches the audio performance.


Designed to deliver superb surround sound, this speaker is perfect for conveying the realism of high resolution audio sources. The strikingly bold design matches the audio performance.


This centre speaker provides absolutely clear vocals and dialogue from high resolution sound sources.


Impressively deep bass output from a powerful subwoofer with a beautiful exterior.

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