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Smart Speakers

Wireless Speakers

PLUS (WX-030)

The PLUS is so compact you can put it just about anywhere for instant listening. Just plug it in wherever you want music in your home - the kitchen, bedroom, lounge room - and control the whole system with a simple app. Available in White and Black.

Wireless Speakers

PLUS Mini (WX-010)

The PLUS Mini delivers incredibly big sound in a surprisingly small size. Its stylish, space-saving design fits anywhere in your home and lets you stream music wirelessly using your existing Wi-Fi network. Available in White and Black.

Powered Network Speakers


Inspired by Yamaha's iconic studio monitors, these Powered Speakers are supercharged with MusicCast features, high-end USB DAC and professional sound performance. Available in Black, White or Light Walnut.

Lifestyle Audio


The FRAME is every home decorator's dream. Fusing the best of style and sound, this Bluetooth speaker combines the elements of high quality sound, sustainable innovation and artful aesthetics all in one device. To add to its unique appearance, the FRAME can also be wall mounted.

Smart Soundbars

Sound Bar

Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos© And DTS:X™

Take your movies and TV sound to a new dimension. The world's first Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X brings next-generation cinema sound into your lounge room while also featuring all of the power of MusicCast.

Sound Bar

Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer

Immerse yourself in exhilarating 7.1-channel surround sound without the need for having speakers around the room. The included wireless subwoofer delivers outstanding bass performance. Wirelessly connect it to other MusicCast products for playing music or TV audio throughout your home.

Sound Bar

Sound Bar with Built-in Subwoofers

The simplest way to enhance your TV sound while also enjoying everything that MusicCast has to offer, this Sound Bar features built-in Subwoofers so you don't need a separate Sub in the room. It's well-suited for a bedroom or den, yet robust enough for even your main living room entertainment system.

Smart Cinema

AV Receiver

AV Receivers

With the addition of MusicCast, the nation's best-selling AV Receiver brand just got better!

Now you can build a high-performance Home Theatre System in your entertainment room, then add music to other rooms wirelessly.

Smart Hi-Fi

Hi-Fi Receiver

Hi-Fi Receiver

Experience Yamaha's legendary Hi-Fi sound quality with the versatility of MusicCast streaming and wireless multi-room audio capabilities. Available in Silver or Black.

Hi-Fi Receiver

Micro Hi-Fi System (MCR-N670)

Introducing high-fidelity audio everywhere. The MCR-N670 is the all-in-one system for the ultimate audiophile. Enabling TV sound and even vinyl, your audio will follow even when you leave the room.

EXPAND (MusicCast Component)

Meet the master conductor. EXPAND is the bridge that allows you to add any existing device to the MusicCast network - so your existing amps and speakers (of ANY brand) can join in on the multi-room sharing experience with ease.

Wireless Streaming Amplifiers


Not upgrading your receiver any time soon? No problem. WXC-50 lets you to add it onto the MusicCast network for continuous music everywhere in the house.


Let your speakers join the fun! WXA-50 seamlessly connects any pair of existing speakers to the network with ease. Just push play.