EPH-M100 Discontinued

EPH-M100 Discontinued

Greater depth, more natural sound with a comfortable fit

High-quality sound structure that realizes both superior fit and rich bass reproduction

The housings are made from PC-ABS, a material that combines polycarbonate and ABS for high rigidity, helping to reduce resonance in the ear emanating from the inside of the housing. The housing design also optimizes flow resistance in the operation of the diaphragm due to the twin acoustic ports, which function as vents. The housing enables precise, rounded bass reproduction. Additionally, the sound tube and ear buds made of two types of silicon material create a snug fit in the ear canal and a comfortable wearing experience. Thanks to their excellent sound isolation properties, the EPH-M100 prevents deterioration of sound quality due to sound leakage. The well-balanced design is characterized by the meticulous attention to detail that has gone into all parts involved in sound quality

Newly developed large 15 mm (5/8”) driver unit for dynamic, high-resolution sound

EPH-M100 is equipped with the same newly developed driver unit as that used in the high-end EPH-M200 model, with the same powerful neodymium magnet.

In addition, the diaphragm employs Yamaha’s unique tangential edge technology, combining stiffness and flexibility with an edge shape that produces optimal movement of the diaphragm at the volume used and the dome area of the vibrating section, allowing the EPH-M100 to give exceptionally powerful bass reproduction as well as a detailed, natural treble.

Exclusive fine-tuning by Yamaha—a world-renowned musical instrument maker

For the sound of EPH-M100, excellence was not only pursued in specification:

Yamaha also prioritized the quality of the sound in terms of auditory feel during real-life use. Capitalizing on our experience as a musical instrument maker, the earphones have been tuned using keen musical sensibilities. The result is rich and detailed sound that allows the listener not only to hear clearly the sounds of each instrument, but also each note.

Serrated ear buds with superb fit

The EPH-M100 ear buds are made of two types of silicon material—one hard and one soft. The sound passage section that uses hard silicon combines flexibility and strength through serration. It retains its shape even when inserted into the ears and fits perfectly to the shape of the ear canal. In addition to creating a comfortable fit, the ear bud also prevents deterioration of sound quality due to sound leakage.

Includes five sizes of ear buds for different sized ears Maximum Fit ear buds optimized in horizontal and vertical ratio

In addition to the standard S, M and L-sized ear buds that are included with the earphones, the EPH-M100 also comes with SS and LL sizes. All sizes offer excellent performance in terms of wearability. The shape of the different sized buds has been optimized by adjusting the ratio of the diameter to the height. They fit perfectly to the opening of the ear canal, achieving a comfortable fit without falling out even while walking or exercising. Naturally, they also minimize sound leakage, an important consideration when listening to music in public spaces such as on the train.

Equipped with remote control/microphone for operation and communication Compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad and more

The 1.2-meter (47-1/4”) cord has an iPhone/iPod/iPad-compatible inline remote control/microphone you can use to select tracks and adjust the volume, as well as use for voice communications. The convenience and simplicity of the remote control/microphone means you can leave your player in your pocket or bag at all times.

Enjoy music in style with a selection of beautiful colors and quality design

The gently curved form of the body eschews excess ornamentation, expressing a simple design concept augmented only by Yamaha’s iconic tuning fork logo. The unpainted, polished finish renders an elegant finish that is resistant to scratches. Select your favorite color from our line-up of three choices.

Stylish carrying case made of quality, textured material

The EPH-M100 comes with a carrying case made of a luxurious textured material that is fingerprint-resistant. The simple form allows you to store your earphones neatly and stylishly in your bag, convenient for when you are not using them or for carrying during travel.

The colours and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.