Piano Technicians refine their craft with Yamaha Melbourne, Australia

Piano Technicians refine their craft with Yamaha
Melbourne, Australia - May 3, 2024

Melbourne, Australia - May 3, 2024 - Yamaha Music Australia recently concluded a highly successful four-day workshop at their headquarters in Melbourne, designed exclusively for eight selected piano technicians from across the country. Led by Yamaha's Head Piano Technician, Julian Morgan-Smith and piano technical expert, Brent Ottley, the workshop aimed to enhance and refine the technicians' skills in grand piano regulation.

The workshop provided a comprehensive guide to grand piano regulation, offering step-by-step instructions to ensure precise and optimal performance. Participants learned efficient troubleshooting techniques for common regulation issues encountered in the field, along with the best practices for rectifying them.

A major focus of the workshop was on aftertouch and understanding pianists' expectations from regulated actions. Technicians delved into the subtle interactions between keys, hammers, strings, and dampers, gaining valuable insights into achieving the desired touch and response.

Yamaha Music Australia extends its appreciation to all the participants for their commitment to excellence and their continuous efforts to uphold the highest standards in piano maintenance and care. The company hopes that the skills acquired during this workshop will further empower the technicians in their professional endeavours.