Yamaha Music Australia exhibits at 2024 Aus Hi-Fi Show in Sydney

Over the weekend of Friday, 5th April to Sunday, 7th April 2024, Yamaha Music Australia exhibited at Future Media’s Australian Hi-Fi Show at the Sydney Central Hotel, which saw hundreds of audiophiles and budding audio enthusiasts checking out what was on display.

Spanning multiple rooms and supported by Les Davis Audio & Sturmans Audio Visual, Yamaha had a wide range of Hi-Fi products on show. One room showcased the entire 5000 Series – including the NS-5000 speakers, C-5000 power amplifier, M-5000 pre-amplifier, and GT-5000 turntable – giving showgoers a real-life demonstration of how Yamaha’s top of the range Hi-Fi sounds.

In the next room, we exhibited a range of other products in different set ups across the 3 days. This included the NS-3000, NS-2000A, and newly released NS-800A speakers, driven by interchanged amplifiers and network receivers including the A-S3200 and R-N2000A.

A particular highlight of the show was the presence of the YH-5000SE ORTHODYNAMIC™ headphones and dedicated HA-L7A amplifier in the 5000 Series room, which was the second time that the headphones and amplifier have been exhibited to the public. A giveaway was run throughout the three days, offering the chance for showgoers to win a pair of YH-5000SE headphones ($7,499 RRP) which saw a great deal of attention.

As always, the show was a great opportunity to showcase Yamaha as leaders with extensive experience in the Hi-Fi space by showing off not only our top of the range Hi-Fi, but also our lower end gear and some demonstrations of new-to-market products.