The Best Prescription for Chugai Pharmaceutical Corporation


Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is a leading Japanese developer and manufacturer of prescription drugs, which has recently installed the Yamaha CS-800 Video Sound Bar at its Tokyo headquarters. By using Yamaha’s latest remote conferencing technology, the company ensures every participant can concentrate fully on the content of meetings.

Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd’s motto is Innovation Beyond Imagination, so it’s essential that remote conferencing at its Tokyo headquarters is of the highest possible quality. It has previously installed Yamaha YVC-200, YVC-300 and YVC-1000 speakerphones for remote conferencing and so is aware of the excellent sound quality of Yamaha products, as well as Yamaha’s renowned pre- and after-sales support. With the speakerphone systems well-received by employees, the desire for a solution which included a web camera meant a Yamaha solution was the obvious choice.

Yamaha’s latest CS-800 Video Sound Bar has solved all of the issues that Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd wanted to overcome.

The CS-800 features a 4K camera with smart framing and beamforming hexa microphone, which creates a three-dimensional pickup beam to more accurately capture speech, while the camera tracks the physical position of participants. It can instantly detect the human voice from other sounds and narrow in only on voices within the camera frame, better defining speech and blocking out unwanted background noise, while automatically framing the video for those connecting to the meeting remotely. This means the system delivers a seamless and immersive tracking experience with the most accurate, harmonized pickup of participants.

The CS-800 can be used in a conference room up to 6m (19.7ft) deep without an extension microphone, while the simple connection via a single USB cable makes setting up meetings quicker and easier. It can also be used for teleconferencing via Bluetooth connection with a smartphone. This delivers the advantage that no landline is necessary. The reduced preparation time, enhanced audio quality and automatic volume adjustment has allowed participants to concentrate more on the meeting, while eliminating the need for an extension microphone means the system delivers clear audio to the remote party, even when someone is speaking from the back of the conference room. It also allows for more efficient use of desk space. The connection terminal cover, which prevents the disconnection of connected cables, has also been appreciated by the system technicians at Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


Yamaha CS-800


All-in-one camera, microphone, and speaker system.