Music Education Right from the Start

Yamaha Music Australia is very excited for the launch of the Music Education: Right from the start initiative lead by The Tony Foundation the charitable arm of Alberts.

Music Education: Right from the start is the latest report into the state of music education in Australia. Led by Dr. Anita Collins, the report featured in-depth consultation with music scholars and educators to not only explore the requirements, vehicles and educational outcomes and benefits of active music learning, but to seek to identify the barriers to access.

“Music learning has been found to impact brain development in children in so many ways - literacy and numeracy levels, self-regulation of emotions, academic performance and social skill development to name just a few. Every Australian child doesn’t just deserve music education - they need it”.

Now that the report has been publicly launched The Tony Foundation, alone with its coalition of like-minded supporters are focused on growing the case for quality, sequential and ongoing music education in every primary school in Australia.

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