Yamaha’s Great Start Grant looking for the perfect school

Now in its fifth year, Yamaha’s Great Start Grant is an annual, by-application award of musical instruments and equipment gifted to a school to get their music program off the ground. Each Year, Yamaha look for an Australian School with all of the skills and passion to make Music Education the cornerstone of their school community, but is just missing the equipment to realise that dream.

Music is widely accepted as a valuable and meaningful part of a child’s education. Unfortunately, in Australia, not every school offers continuous, sequential education in music.

By creating a national conversation around music programs, Yamaha’s goal is to get the essential stakeholders within a school talking about how they can practically begin or expand their music offering. In highlighting the journey of one school, a pathway is laid to inspire other schools.

With group music events proven to boost happiness levels, the Great Start Grant has the opportunity to foster positivity and social connections in a collaborative setting. As the largest instrument manufacturer globally, Yamaha can lead a conversation around the value of making music.

For more information and to apply follow the link below

Great Start Grant