Yamaha releases SWX3220-16MT and SWX2320-16MT, two new switch models that support 10 Gigabit and Multi-Gigabit Ethernet.

Strengthening core networks in businesses, concert halls, and other sites has recently become a crucial issue that demands action. Customers want to construct systems that provide high-quality video and audio with low latency using IP networks. These switches newly added to the lineup—Yamaha’s first to support 10 Gigabit/Multi-Gigabit Ethernet, are ideal for strengthening medium-sized core networks that need high speed and capacity.

While the SWX3220-16MT standard L3 switch and the SWX2320-16MT intelligent L2 switch inherit the functionality of the current SWR2310 series, these new models also support LAN ports with high speeds exceeding 1 Gbps. Moreover, along with the multiple LAN ports of existing models, these models add SFP/SFP+ slots, allowing customers to select models according to receiving distance and channel requirements. These can be used as both core switches and distribution switches on medium-sized networks.

Network traffic is also anticipated to grow in the professional audio market as rates and channel counts for audio and video media increase. By incorporating our new SWX3220-16MT and SWX2320-16MT models, systems can be configured with L2 switches that transmit audio and video media within single segments, as well as L3 switches to prepare for increased traffic of media that spans multiple segments. Moreover, since these models support IEEE 1588 PTPv2 TC (Transparent Clock), they can also be used to construct systems where high-precision media synchronization is a requirement.

System examples

1. Creation of networks with high speed and capacity that exceed 1Gbps Ethernet

All of these new switches feature LAN ports that support five speeds (100 M/1 G/2.5 G/5 G/10 G). The speed of existing networks that use Cat5e or Cat6 LAN cables can be increased to 5 Gbps by replacing the GbE switches with these new models. When building new networks, you can create 10 Gbps networks by using these models with Cat6A LAN cables.

Faster networks can alleviate the load experienced with 1 Gbps networks caused by factors that include rising numbers of wireless devices, greater traffic due to more audio/video communication during the COVID-19 pandemic, and increasing access to large files.

1. Creation of networks with high speed and capacity that exceed 1Gbps Ethernet

2. Support for PTPv2 TC time synchronization of 1 μsec and less

All newly released switches support IEEE 1588 PTPv2 TC (Transparent Clock) to provide the high-precision time synchronization required for applications such as the synchronized playback of audio and video media.

This feature, which can be used with networks set up for 1 or 10 Gbps, adds switch delay time data to PTP messages that pass through the switches before transmission. Synchronization precision between devices of 1 μsec or less can be achieved for cases that require real-time performance.

2. Support for PTPv2 TC time synchronization of 1 μsec and less

3. Defense against system access by unauthorized devices

To ensure security, all newly released switches are compatible with RADIUS servers . By combining switch MAC authentication with RADIUS server functions, all connected devices can be managed centrally, with only connections from registered devices allowed.

3. Defense against system access by unauthorized devices

4. Dante settings optimization and Yamaha LAN Monitor

All newly released switches support Dante settings optimization, which makes optimal setup easy for Dante audio over IP technology. If Yamaha products that support Dante are connected, enabling “Dante optimization” settings in the browser interface will set their QoS, multicast snooping, flow control, EEE, and other settings to optimal values automatically. Moreover, in addition to the existing LAN mapping function, which has been praised by users, the entire Dante network can be visually represented with the Yamaha LAN Monitor computer application.

Together with the statuses of network device LAN ports, bandwidth use, and PoE power supply, the operation conditions of devices that support Dante can be monitored, reducing the burden of daily maintenance work.

Dante optimization setting

Yamaha LAN Monitor

Yamaha L3 Switch SWX3220 / SWX2320

SWX3220 / SWX2320

Standard L3 switch and Intelligent L2 switch with 10-Gigabit/Multi-Gigabit port to flexibly meet the varied needs of large networks.