Tim Minchin Launches Yamaha's 2019 Great Start Grant at Ravenshoe

”When is Tim Minchin coming??!” – Ravenshoe student, Year 6

A regional Far North Queensland school, Ravenshoe State School P-12, received a special visit from Tim Minchin in June as part of their prize as winners of the 2019 Yamaha Music Australia Great Start Grant.

The school was awarded with almost $60,000 worth of musical instruments and three days of specialised music training for teachers.

Internationally acclaimed composer, musician and comedian, Tim Minchin performed in the school hall to the Ravenshoe community of parents, students and teachers to celebrate the launch of their reimagined music program.

The audience were treated to a special concert by Tim, who elicited equal parts humour, excitement and sentimentality in his characteristic performance. The tight-knit community of Ravenshoe received Tim with warmth and appreciation, and left the concert with energy and inspiration they can use to enrich their coming musical journey.

Principal Andrea Manley was one of the driving forces behind the school’s renewed focus on music. “There’s not a theatre down the road; there’s not a symphony orchestra on our doorstep, and bringing instrumental music just gives them another dimension to the music that they love in every day of their lives” stated Manley.

A nationwide initiative, the Yamaha Great Start Grant gives an Australian school a helping hand to get their music program off the ground, and help foster positive and social connections within local communities. Now in its third year, the Great Start Grant continues to drive and promote quality music education within the school curriculum.

For further information on the competition, please visit the Off to a Great Start Website