Yamaha collaborate with Spirit Level to celebrate Piano Day

Piano Day is an annual international celebration of the piano which takes place on the 88th day of the year, because of the number of keys on the instrument. In 2019 this landed on 29th of March and Yamaha Music Australia teamed up with Melbourne based artist run label Spirit Level, to film and record a number of intimate piano duets.

The duets were performed at our Premium Piano Centre in South Melbourne on S6X and S7X Grand Pianos. Each performance was unique and written especially for this project. Each duet presents a different approach to the piano either as accompaniment to a ballad for artists Braille Face and Eliott, an ambient improvisation reacting to field recordings from Albrecht La’Brooy and a dynamic progressive journey of a work from Grace Ferguson and Sarah Mary Chadwick.

Filmed and Edited by Yamaha Music Australia

Recorded and Mixed by Jem Savage