Sydney Conservatorium all set for Remote Learning

Yamaha Music Australia (in Melbourne) and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music have successfully connected two Disklavier pianos via the internet by using remarkable proprietary technology.

“Remote Lesson” (pioneered in 2007) provides for networking of up to four Disklavier pianos, enabling a teacher to conduct lessons with students over the Internet. Once connected, the performance information is transmitted from one instrument to the other making the keys and pedals move up and down on the distant piano to recreate their performance, even though teacher and student may be thousands of miles apart. With Remote Lesson, participants can video connect (e.g. Skype) while playing their respective instruments. The software on the Disklavier Remote Lesson allows the microphone to be gated when performing so as not to allow echo spillage from their piano and visa versa.

The successful connection at the beginning of February 2018 was from our DGC1 at Yamaha Music Australia head office to their recent purchase - DCF6. This is a handmade Concert Grand with an RRP $213,000.00, and the first one in Australia.

Demonstration and training of this wonderful technology is made simple with the latest Disklaviers (Enspire) as they are controlled by a smart device – Apple or Android – making it intuitive and seamless.

Adam Wilson the Music Laboratory Supervisor at Sydney Conservatorium of Music used his Android phone to set up and run the Enspire App and was impressed with the result – blown away to be exact! Dr Paul Rickard-Ford, recipient of 2017 Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Teaching, and David Kinney- Piano Technical Manager were also suitably impressed with the quality of the piano and ease of application.

Thanks to Jarrod Bayliss - Customer Support & Training Specialist (pictured above), and Eric Ong - Piano Technical Manager from Yamaha Music Australia for their technical support and hands on work.

Words by Leon Blaher, Head Keyboard Demonstrator & Disklavier Support Specialist, Music Products & Education Division