Yamaha CFX Concert Grand Piano installed into Queensland Conservatorium of Music (Griffith University)

Natasha Vlassenko (third from the right) selecting a CFX with Cameron Tait (third from left) and Yamaha Japan technical staff.

Established in 1957, Queensland Conservatorium in Brisbane forms part of Griffith University and is one of Australia’s most prestigious music institutions.

In October 2016, Natasha Vlassenko (Head of Keyboard Studies, Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Lev Vlassenko Piano Competition) selected a Yamaha CFX Concert Grand piano for the Ian Hanger Recital Hall at Yamaha’s state of the art selection facility in Kakegawa, Japan. Three pianos were delicately prepared by Yamaha Japan’s technicians prior to Ms Vlassenko’s visit.

In January 2017 the CFX was installed at the institution by Yamaha Music Australia. The response from staff, students and visiting artists has been overwhelmingly positive.

Launched in 2010 the Yamaha CFX brought a new innovation to the world of Concert Grand pianos. Taking over 19 years to develop, Yamaha’s engineers, technicians and artisans set out break all boundaries by painstakingly analysing every aspect of the piano, from the vibrations within the body, soundboard, strings and frame to develop an intricate understanding of how the tone is formed. This allowed Yamaha to define and reshape the piano giving it an extraordinary range of tonal expression and a commanding tonal presence. This was a fitting choice for the recital hall at Queensland Conservatorium.

The prestigious Brisbane Southbank precinct is now home to its first Yamaha CFX, joining the prestigious company of Sydney Opera House, Conservatorium High School Sydney, Australian Institute of Music and Sir Zelman Cowan School of Music – Monash University.

Yamaha is the largest manufacturer of musical instruments in the world, and is committed to creating excitement and cultural inspiration with musicians around Australia and around the world.