Experience DTS Virtual:X® on Yamaha’s new YAS-107 and YAS-207 Sound Bars

Yamaha will launch two new Sound Bar models in early August – the first in the world to incorporate DTS Virtual:X®.

Developed by DTS Inc., the new technology makes it easier than ever for people to immerse themselves in 3D surround sound with effects that move around and above the audience. DTS Virtual:X creates a lifelike, multi-dimensional space with a dramatically enhanced sense of realism. To date, reproducing fully-immersive 3D sound has required advanced AV systems and the use of In-ceiling or Up-firing Speakers. By employing DTS Virtual:X, the YAS-107 and YAS-207 delivers immersive 3D surround sound from a Sound Bar that is sleek, affordably-priced and extremely easy to set up.

In addition to reproducing object-based surround sound, DTS Virtual:X is also capable of up-mixing stereo and conventional multi-channel formats to spacious 3D sound with an added height dimension.

"We’re incredibly proud to be the first to bring the DTS Virtual:X technology into Australian homes," commented Boyd Gill, Product Manager from Yamaha Music Australia’s AV Division. "Yamaha has a long history of innovation in the Sound Bar market and this latest technology is another example of not only continuing to stay at the cutting-edge, but really pushing the envelope when it comes to what to expect from your Sound Bar."

Both YAS-107 and YAS-207 Sound Bar models feature the latest high-performance connectivity options including HDMI supporting 4K Ultra HD pass-through with High Dynamic Range (HDR) up to 60 frames per second. The HDMI output also features an Audio Return Channel (ARC) to eliminate the requirement for an additional cable for TV sound.

Clear Voice features on both Sound Bar models, making it possible to make dialogue more intelligible in news, sports and other TV programs while Bluetooth enables users to wirelessly stream music from any Bluetooth device.

The YAS-107 encompasses built-in subwoofers whereas the YAS-207 includes an external, wireless subwoofer for fully-immersive home theatre performance and versatile placement.

The Yamaha YAS-107 and YAS-207 Sound Bars will be available in August 2017 for $349 and $599 Recommended Retail Price (RRP) respectively. Initially both models will require a firmware update to support DTS Virtual:X, with both models featuring the upgrade out-of-the-box in the lead-up to Christmas trade. Both models attract a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.