Yamaha Expands the EMX Lineup of Powered Mixers with the Release of the EMX5 and EMX7 Integrated Consoles

Yamaha Powered Mixers EMX5 and EMX7

Yamaha is very pleased to announce the release of two new models in the popular EMX Series of integrated mixers, the EMX5 and EMX7. The new models feature a significant increase in output power and a more comprehensive selection of performance features in a very portable design. Suitable for musicians, performers, DJs and public speakers who put a premium on sound quality and convenient operation, these new models will provide users with an ideal solution for a greater number of sound reinforcement environments, from small to mid-sized musical or cooperate events, to fixed installations at bars and restaurants, houses of worship, rehearsal studios and more.

The EMX5 and EMX7 feature high-efficiency power amplifiers capable of 630W and 710W output power respectively, and come equipped with an overload protection function to improve reliability. A rugged, extremely portable enclosure with a powder-coated, impact resistant metal chassis adds to the consoles' durability while its versatile design easily adapts to horizontal or vertical placements in a variety of configurations.

Both the EMX5 and EMX7 are equipped with four mono input channels and four mono/stereo input channels, allowing up to 8 microphones, and line-level devices to be connected to each channel, and channel 4 can be used with Hi-Z inputs to connect instruments such as guitars or basses directly. Each model is also equipped with 2 AUX SEND connections for a monitoring system or external effect devices, REC OUT unbalanced RCA-pin output jacks to connect an external recorder, and STEREO OUT TRS phone jacks to output the mixed stereo signal. EMX5/7 also feature speaker jacks which can be used with both TS phone and speakON plugs. Both also feature highly-efficient internal universal power supply for operation in any region around the globe.

The new consoles feature Yamaha's trademark 1-knob compressors as well as a comprehensive DSP section including 24 SPX effects, and speaker processor with presets tuned to perfectly match specific models of Yamaha's passive speaker lineup for optimum performance.

The EMX5/7 both come equipped with a Feedback Suppressor that utilizes a unique Yamaha seven-band notch-filter digital technology to instantly eliminate annoying and unwanted feedback with the single switch of a button.

The EMX5 features 1-Knob Master EQ™ for applying optimized settings for SPEECH, MUSIC, and BASS BOOST, while the EMX7 features a flex-type graphic equalizer (Flex9GEQ) that allows users to select up to nine bands out of a total of 31 for fine tuning±15 dB.

“Since the release of Yamaha's first powered mixer in 1976, the EMX series has remained a standard around the globe for four decades, acclaimed for its reliability and performance in various sound reinforcement environments” says Yoshi Tsugawa, Yamaha Pro Audio Business Unit Director. “With the new EMX5 and EMX7 models, the series expands on the power and performance capability of previous models with an even more portable and flexible design that allows them to comfortably adapt to a broader range of applications.”

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