Yamaha turns up the volume on multi-room audio

Yamaha turns up the volume on multi-room audio

Home audio systems have been gaining popularity in recent years with the advent of music streaming services, whole-of-home solutions and the resurgence of high-resolution formats sparking the appetites of next-generation audiophiles.

The latest offering from Yamaha introduces a series of cutting-edge technologies to transform this audio landscape yet again. MusicCast, a revolutionary multi-room technology, allows users to share any audio source to any room. Whether listening to your favourite music streaming service, TV programs, CDs or even vinyl records, MusicCast makes it possible to enjoy all content in any room.

The notion of streaming music to multiple rooms is not a new one however the ability to do so from any audio device via HDMI, digital, USB, network or analogue connection is a unique and distinct advantage. The ability to tailor an audio system to meet every household’s entertainment needs continues with an extensive selection of MusicCast-enabled products. Altogether, 30 models will be on offer before Christmas in Australia including three new Wireless Speaker variations, Sound Bars (and Sound Base), Hi Fi Components, AV Receivers and Home Theatre Packages.

A new Wi Fi Xtend network has also been custom-built to transform each MusicCast product into a Wi Fi extender, delivering maximum network strength throughout larger homes. In addition, Airplay and Bluetooth connectivity is included with the ability to also send music to existing Bluetooth devices – regardless of the brand. Any Bluetooth speaker (or headphones) in turn has the ability to join the MusicCast network.

The heart of MusicCast is an intuitive app which can be customised with room names and even photos to represent different areas of the home. Playback options that aren’t connected or required can be hidden as well for a sleek and simplified control interface.

Choose to start with one speaker (minimum $349 recommended retail price) or the ultimate in home theatre, MusicCast can be customised to suit the needs of the entire household. Please refer to the below for supported models.

Welcome to MusicCast. Your Home of Sound.