Celebrating 10 years of innovation with the YSP-2500 Surround Sound Bar

Celebrating 10 years of innovation with the YSP-2500 Surround Sound Bar.

Since the introduction of the ground-breaking YSP-1 in 2004, Yamaha has been at the forefront of Sound Bar innovation – carving out a niche position in the market with its exclusive YSP technology. Rather than just amplify sound from the television and sources such as a Blu-ray Player in stereo, YSP Surround Sound Bars deliver a true multi-channel experience without the need for conventional surround speakers and associated cables strewn throughout the room. The result is impressively disguised surround sound to match modern, open-plan living.
Celebrating 10 years of Sound Bars, Yamaha is pleased to announce the release of its latest model to feature YSP technology. Introducing the YSP-2500. Replacing the award-winning YSP-2200, the new bar builds on a suite of clever features by adding wireless music streaming from Bluetooth-enabled devices as well as app control via Yamaha’s free-to-download HT Controller for iOS/Android phones and tablets.

Wireless connectivity to personal devices enhances the unobtrusive Sound Bar experience. Whether listening to your favourite music streaming app or watching content on your laptop, the YSP-2500 seamlessly delivers trademark Yamaha sound aided by a powerful, wireless subwoofer. Furthering the versatility of the system, the subwoofer can be positioned in either vertical or horizontal configurations anywhere in the room.
“After a decade in the Sound Bar space, we are continuing to innovate with YSP technology serving as the key difference between Yamaha and the rest of the market”, explains Damien Henderson – Product Manager for Yamaha Music Australia‘s AV Division. “Now we are seeing wireless music streaming and app control introducing a new level of functionality, usability and convenience to this key model in our Surround Sound Bar range.”
The YSP-2500 comprises of an array of 16 small speakers, each with their own independent amplifier. Patented YSP technology is applied to control the orientation of the sound through focused ‘beams’. The centre channel reaches the audience directly, for example, while audio from surrounding channels is heard after being reflected off walls. The ensuing effect immerses the listener in surround sound much like a multi-speaker home theatre system.
For video, the YSP-2500 supports 4K Ultra HD 50/60 Hz which provides incredible, next-generation picture quality. Up to 3 HD sources can be connected simultaneously via 3D-capable HDMI and when connected to a CEC-compatible television, the YSP-2500 will turn on/off with the TV, and the TV remote control can be used to control the volume.
Adjustable between heights of 73 and 86 mm (51 mm without the removable feet attached), the low-profile of the YSP-2500 discreetly introduces surround sound without obscuring the television. An aluminium top panel prevents unwanted vibrations while also adding a luxurious touch to the elegant form, while a built-in IR repeater ensures the TV remote control signal passes through the YSP-2500 to the TV.
To commemorate Yamaha’s 10th anniversary in Sound Bars, Yamaha Music Australia is excited to release the YSP-2500 at $999 RRP (recommended retail price). The key model in Yamaha’s YSP range is also available now in a choice of Black or Silver finish with a 2 year, factory-backed warranty.