AV receivers to support Spotify Connect

Yamaha AV receivers support Spotify Connect

Berlin, September 4, 2013 --- Yamaha announced today that it will support Spotify Connect. Spotify Connect is a new home audio experience giving you effortless control of your music across your phone, tablet and speakers with millions of songs built in. Spotify Connect will be available on all 2013 released Yamaha network receivers via a firmware update.

Yamaha AV Receiver owners (see complete list of compatible models below) who have a Spotify Premium account are able to enjoy instant access to millions of songs in high-quality directly on their Yamaha home entertainment system.

Yamaha continues to be at the forefront of home entertainment technology, providing innovative features that serve the evolving demands of consumers around the world. The most apparent feature of the ‘75 Series and AVENTAGE Series IV receivers are the advanced network capabilities - a necessity in today’s environment. Yamaha’s advanced networking capabilities deliver fantastic consumer benefits, such as simple operation through the acclaimed AV Controller App, seamless music streaming from PC or NAS devices, AirPlay for music streaming from iOS devices and Yamaha’s own Music Play providing wireless music streaming for both Android and iOS devices.

More recently, the introduction of music streaming services has changed the way we access and discover new music. The integration of Spotify Connect on Yamaha products will provide with access to the almost endless music archive that Spotify has to offer with seamless music enjoyment.

With Spotify offering superior audio sampling rates, along with Yamaha’s legendary Natural Sound, users can expect high-quality playback of their favourite music from their AV receiver.

“Connect gives you effortless control of your music across your phone, tablet and now Yamaha receivers with millions of songs built right in,” said Sten Garmark, VP Product management at Spotify. “Connect ensures your music enjoyment is simple, seamless and hassle free.”

To use Spotify Connect, customers are required to download the Spotify app for smartphone, tablet or laptop and have an active Spotify Premium account. If you own a compatible Yamaha AV receiver and would like to try a Spotify Premium account, there is a free 30 day trial available. For more details, visit www.spotify.com/yamaha

Spotify Connect compatible AV receiver models*:
- CX-A5000 AVENTAGE Pre-Amplifier
- AVENTAGE Series IV AV Receivers (RX-A3030, RX-A2030, RX-A1030, RX-A830, RX-A730)
- ‘75 Series AV Receivers (RX-V3075, RX-V2075, RX-V1075, RX-V775, RX-V675, RX-V575, RX-V500D, RX-V475)

*AV receiver firmware update is required to enable Spotify Connect.

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